I just got a call from Jerrell asking me to do a show this Thursday. I gladly accepted as I’ve piled up a ton of good things to talk about for an hour or more. I look forward to it. I hope to discuss some of the problems I’ve been having with VA and the shortcomings of the new AMA that are beginning to surface. It all sounded so cool when they announced it several years ago. The truth is far different from the promises but then we figured there was going to be a disconnect when the other shoe dropped. 

Not to worry. VA’s box of tricks is empty. All they have left is retreads of earlier mischief that we have learned to skirt around.

Be there or be an L7 (square). the call in number is still the same as far as I know and you can press one (1) if you wish to talk to any of us about an individual issue.



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6 Responses to HADIT.COM RADIO SHOW THIS THURSDAY (12/12/2019)

  1. Kiedove says:

    For Alex:

    Listening to the Hadit podcast 12/13/19 now. Is this the veterans claims blog you referred to in it?


  2. asknod says:

    The AMA backfired, sir. VA thought Vets would stampede to the HLR process. Instead, everyone has signed up for direct review at the BVA. With the massive Legacy backlog still there, anything new will take longer now. VA honestly thought they could integrate the new AMA appeals in and still finish up the Legacy stuff simultaneously. Of course, that’s what they said about fully developed claims and eliminating the VARO backlog.

  3. Michael P Oliver says:

    Wondering IF you saw the Stanford Law review or their paper/s authored I believe by a Dr. Ho there regarding disputed numbers published for congress and the public detailing the resolving of the 460K+ or-; Appeals by the BVA ?(specifically) . Believe I saw a date of May of 2019 for the first of several legal opinions about the current mess.

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