Good afternoon, campers. Jerrell has asked me to once again join him and his merry band of Veterans on his Blogtalk radio program tonight. As usual, I am honored to be able to pass on my fractured faery tales of VA misdeeds and ways to surmount their foibles. 


Today’s show will discuss Independent Medical Opinions (IMOs) and ways you can obtain these letters without having to relinquish your firstborn male child. I was recently ostracized by a fellow VA litigator last week for what I surmised as offering my IMO services for far less than his. His argument was severely disjointed and I had a hard time with the run-on sentences and dangling participles. I finally asked Cupcake if she could decypher his bent.

My IMOs are authored by a group of doctors of various medical fields who work with Mednick Associates. The owner, Adam Taranto, is now a personal friend. He tries to help Veterans as cheaply as possible while still eking out a living. In this endeavor, he has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. As I have mentioned, his doctors are able to do this for $1,500. In addition, they will opine on secondaries to the primary illness/injury at no extra charge-within reason.

Mednick’s last IMO for Hepatitis C and it’s residuals also included cirrhosis, esophageal varices and ascites (fluid buildup in the abdomen) at no extra charge to the client. The fellow VA litigator, who will remain nameless, feels I do the profession (VA attorneys and Agents) irreparable harm by charging such a paltry fee. What can I say? I feel it would be avaricious to mark up the cost of something I have no hand in. Moreover, if the fee is $1,500, that’s what I will charge-even if it upsets some of my fellow litigators.

As it is, when a Veteran approaches me for representation, I don’t ask for a bank statement of his checking and savings accounts. Many don’t even have $1,500 to pay for the IMO. In those instances, I pay for it myself out of pocket and ask for it back when we win. I have yet to have any renege on the fee.  But then we’re talking about Veterans-folks who agreed to serve their country knowing full well they risked bodily injury doing so. Seems they’d be stand up folks who wouldn’t sky out on a debt.

We’ll talk about that and anything else you callers dream up today. Showtime is 1600 Hrs on the westerly coast and 1900 Hrs on the easterly stretch.

The call in number is

347-237-4819 (push #1 to talk)

Thank you-all of you-for your service. I know that grates on your ears when some VA puke says it but I mean that genuinely. By the same token, I thank all you who have entrusted your claims to me and allow me to represent you. It’s a great honor and I do not take it lightly. As most know, I always answer or return your calls. I sure don’t want to gain a reputation akin to that of a Veteran Service Officer. Perish the thought.

Be there or be poorer for it. Here’s a link to the show:





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  1. Calvin Winchell says:

    You are and have remained a strong advocate of us brother veterans! Unfortunately services like Physicians and IMO’S are expensive in today’s world…it appears you have remained fair with ONLY charging the physician medical opinion charge so the VA does not ride roughshod over our claims with their one sided discounting of illnesses and disabilities…you using your money to help veterans that have no money is noble! Your my hero and a champion!!! Keep up your excellent work in advocating for us all….

  2. Michael Oliver says:

    Maybe that’s the difference between an actual veteran and somebody wishing to make $$ off the backs of veterans…Appreciate what you’ve done for many others..

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