Boy howdy you can sure tell this radio show is going to be a daisy. As most know, Procopio v Shinseki has finally metamorphosed into Procopio v Wilkie at the Fed. Circus. Oral yelling matches were held last week and the collective VA legal world holds its breath. Well, everyone but me. I’m putting my money on the bobtailed nag called Wilkie. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a longer story than most of you have been told. The fact that the U.S. Senate is getting cold feet on inviting the So. China Sea G&CC folks into the fold is alarming enough but the Procopio imbroglio is running neck and neck with it.

Let’s take a gander in the crystal ball of the CAVC and take a gander at Mr. Al Procopio. I’ve written a few paragraphs on this fellow I want you all to read. Here’s the first blog.


Here was the second one about a three years later:


I like this most recent one from his attorney John B. Wells at the  BVA…

Procopio III at the Board

The Veteran maintains that he was exposed to herbicides aboard the USS INTREPID. He served on that ship from January 1965 to May 1967 (11/9/06 VBMS Military Personnel Record, p. 7). However, the USS INTREPID was an aircraft carrier, from which A-1 Skyraiders used for bombing and rocketing targets were launched (10/5/09 VBMS Web/HTML Documents). There is no evidence of any aircraft spraying Agent Orange or that tactical herbicides were kept on the USS INTREPID, or launched from it.

But wait…

The attorney additionally argued that mail went to the Fleet Post Office in Da Nang that served ships in Dixie and Yankee stations.  The mail was received by flights in which persons when ashore. The ship’s laundry was contaminated from the pilots’ and others’ clothing.  Mail bags sat on runways that were another source of contamination.  The attorney knew of no scientific studies that
showed that Agent Orange adhered to paper but argued it adhered like a fingerprint.

In addition…

The attorney also argued in October 2016 that persons coming aboard from the landmass of Vietnam would bring the dioxin aboard on their shoes, uniforms and exposed skin. They showered in a common shower and their clothing was washed in a common laundry. The oily film from the dioxin/petroleum mixture as well as the epithelial cells would adhere to horizontal surfaces in the shower.

You see where we’re going with this argument? Right. Could’ve, would’ve and should’ve ran fourth, fifth and sixth at Golden Gardens last week. If you are going to throw out internet articles and hypothetical theories, you shouldn’t be surprised if that dog won’t hunt.

While I have the utmost respect for Mr. Wells as an attorney, I can only say that you win with evidence, not hypotheses. Moreover, if all these far-fetched possibilities were even conceivable, then what does that say for all of us who served in Thailand…on the ground… where the Government belatedly has admitted it DID spray “tactical herbicides”… on the ground we walked on. Boy howdy did that get all over our boots, our showers and the care packages from home.

I wrote the below article a while back about kids up in Laos where more AO, A Pink and A Purple were sprayed early on. It’s obvious this is a heavy metal because it’s settled into the rice paddies permanently and continues to pollute the ground. If it all washed out to sea, why did they just dig up Da Nang and treat the soil ? Hellooooooo? Agent Orange dispersed 35 miles out to sea at the most perfect depth of 40 feet?


Take an eye dropper of FD&C #2 red food coloring and dump it into an olympic-sized pool. Show me the water turned color. Likewise, dump twenty 12-yd. dump trucks chock full of red food coloring at every riverine outfall into the So. China Sea… which is inextricably intertwined with the Pacific Ocean. Sorry Mr. Wells. More lipstick on the pig is in order.

And that’s what we’ll be discussing tomorrow afternoon at 1600 Hours on the Left Coast or 1900 Hours on the (L)east Coast.

The call in number is still

347-237-4819 (push #1 to talk)

Dial “1” (one) to talk to us. How’s that picture above for misogyny, folks? I’m hopeless.

P.S. SquareBob Lawpants sent me this one from the Atlanta Airport. Braille?

Cupcake found this one.

And from Dennis…

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