Wowser. Old Butch asked me since bein’s how the Seattle Puzzle Palace refused to do his claim when they promised to, if we could fun them right back and slap ’em upside the head with another Writ of Mandamus for Breach of Contract. I said sure, why not? I’m not going to put my name on this. No need to. Turns out Butch is quite the experienced English major.  So “Butch”wrote this one up to see if the CAVC Judge didn’t cotton to perjury.

Redacted Writ

Well, boy howdy is the Honorable Judge not only a little miffed at getting dissed barely six months into his new job. Lands but he took two pages to say he wants some fairly firm answers in 14 days and 13 nights. That would be about the 19th of March or the end of Spring NOVA if I read my calendar right. Shooo, doggies. Maybe I should tell them fellers down at the Regional Office that Butch (and I) are going to be incommunicado from the 15th to the 19th. They seem to lack a telephone number for him. Mine will probably go onto the answering service for that period. I anticipate a high call volume in order to quench the good Judge’s anger. Bummer dude. No answer…

Cupcake and I are flying down instead of driving because we have a horse who’s a week post-surgery and he needs to be supervised. Kona can peel a bandage off under a sleazy as quick as you can say Jack Robinson.

In most cases, and my current one for my third stab at an Ex Writ for my greenhouse is a fairly representative example, a CAVC Judge will allow 30 days for a nuanced discussion on what the Secretary has to say or apologize for. Hell, sometimes they (VA) even ask for another two weeks on top of it-and the Court grants it. Even if the excuse for delay is flagrant, flatulent and flimsy but still accomplished what was deficient, the Secretary will get a bye in spite of the delay.

18-938 Order -30 days 3-1-18

But…. when you blow off the Judge and the Butchmeister’s suspense date of January 28th by a month (and still counting), with no date of a decision given or even contemplated on the horizon, well then, you get what the Court likes to call  the double secret extra extraspeshull treatment…

Accordingly, it is
ORDERED that within 14 days of the date of this order, counsel for the Secretary provide the Court with the information described above. It is further

ORDERED that the Court will not entertain any motion for an extension of time with respect to the Secretary’s response to this order.

Remember when you were back in ‘Nam and some FNG next to you cut loose on auto and forgot to remove those 3 tracers at the end of the mag? Remember how the ground and the trees around you positively seemed to come alive with all that incoming 7.62 a few seconds later? Well, try telling the Court you’ll have this sorted in 90 days and then come back and laugh and tell them how you were just funnin’ them. It’s about the same. The incoming is going to be a shitstorm of sanctions unless -hell, there ain’t no ‘unless’ this time. I smell blood in the water.


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  1. Bruce says:

    I have a few questions regarding CH 31 and ILP I was hoping you could help clarify? Would you mind emailing me sometime?

    Thank you.

    • asknod says:

      Jez, I think I’ve posted everything I know about it in the Blogs by Subject header “Independent Living Program” over on your right. If you’ve read all them and still don’t see the answer, I’d be glad to offer a consult. You can schedule that with me at

  2. david j murphy says:

    Nasty cut on the horse. What did it hook onto?

    • asknod says:

      It was a sinus problem. He has a bad tooth. They cut into the skull bone and removed a rather large cyst. Next surgery is to remove the tooth.

  3. Wonderful writ reminding me of where the rubber meets the road. At some point, justice must prevail.

  4. Gary Butler says:

    Oh, to live vicariously!!! 😉

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