Boy howdy did life get a whole lot finer in a week. It’s not perfect but my Change Management Agent (CMA) at the Seattle VA Regional Office is a real go-getter. She had been in the CMA saddle all of three days when I met her Tuesday. She subtly indicated she doesn’t always agree with what happens in Appeals. I sure hope she takes a shine to CMAing. With VBMS access and a real whippersnapper CMA, you can move mountains in short order at your local Fort Fumble.

Tina is the wife of a lifer (Army Tanker) and loves this job. She intimated she doesn’t always agree with everything that happens about VA claims adjudication but hooooweeee who does? You won’t get a 3-page dissertation on that subject from me. Maybe a fifteen pager but not a trey.

No VA Bozos

Jerrel has graciously asked me to come on and discuss the latest war stories from Puzzle Palaces across our soon to be fruited plains. Call in and remind me to tell you about the one from Phoenix with 3 glossy 8 1/2 X 11 photos of about 1/10 of a gram of Marijuana vacuumed from 18 pockets of a Vet’s fatigues, jacket and shirt to bust him and give him a bum discharge. Remember, these were introduced into the Vet’s VBMS file five days after the rating was in the “ready for notification” stage. He was already at SMC M and 5-year protected. VA decided to go fishing to see if they could rustle up some Willful Misconduct. I don’t reckon most Vets realize it but the VA is not allowed to depart the reservation and collect negative evidence. That’s a Bozo No-No in 58 VAROs.

Anyway, join us on Monday evening, March 5th, in the year of our Father Howard 2018. The show begins at 1600 HRS local here on the Left Coast or, adding three hours, at 1900 HRS on the (L)eastern seaboard. The call-in number remains

347-237-4819 plus the number 1

Press the number one (1, nung, môt, un) to talk live with us.


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  1. woodguy11 says:

    Hell…I was busted in NAM and locked up for pot. I wonder if this will nullify my claim. Never went to trial but got under honorable discharge.

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