Dennis “Pop” Steftenagel, whom I had the distinguished pleasure of meeting at the 2013 Hugfest in held in Magnet, Indiana, is a collector of fine art. Below, you will see his finesse and a small sampling of his wares. I do so wish I had the time to gallivant far and wide in search of these gems which abound in the social media. Absent that luxury, I depend on him -as well as all my readership- to ferret out the essentials we all need to survive in our new “post-progressive” society. Humor is one of the five major mental food groups essential for survival. It has been conclusively proven to build healthy brain boxes 13 different ways. Don’t ask for my cites or curriculum vitae.  Just trust me- or Dennis- in this matter. 

And this from Mike K. in Oregon, a founding member of HCVets/asknod support group. Rarely do I permit political humor to intrude here but I consider this to be a worthy exception to the rule. I profess neutrality, politically speaking, but no one can deny the humor Mike attempts to evince here. To the victors belong the spoils… for a polite, short time thereafter.

The Three Stooges


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  1. JapanMan goes to Eyedoctor,
    Eyedoctor says; I know your problem; Cataract.
    JapanMan says No, I have Rinkin Continental.

  2. Kiedove says:

    Good ones! I like the non-political New Yorker comics a lot. The ones the post on the daily cartoon are mostly anti-you know who. But some are cute.


  3. Rick Townsend says:

    Alex Copied these and spread them around.

  4. K says:

    We desperately need humor now. My father, who was held by the Nazis as a Polish POW, Is rolling over in his grave at the disgrace that our country is now.

  5. john king says:

    They are all stooges for the same old special interests. The senator from Arizona did give at the office but he made a career out of it. What has he done for me lately? The whole congress and POTUS are stooges. Boy Dylan said ” We all have to serve somebody”. They serve those who make the Golden Rule: ” He who has the gold makes the rules”. We could lose them all and it would be no loss.

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