Oh girls, they wanna have fun

Bruce Almighty, our east coast Ambassador, and surely the asknod Ambassador of anything worth being the Ambassador of, sends me this conundrum. Paradoxes r us and we love to answer them.

Imagine this scenario.

It’s Fall. You set out afield and have a doe tag. Hell, in Georgia, unless I’m mistaken, they hand out deer tags for either sex like plastic beads on Fat Tuesday in New Orleans. Let’s choose another state such as mine here in Washington as an example.

Our aspiring hunter, holding said doe tag, inadvertently snuffs the 3-point buck just behind his intended doe because he misestimated the range and held too high. Now, to the burning question. Can our hypothetical hunter claim the buck wasn’t really a buck? Can he put forth a viable, post hoc rationalization that perhaps the buck always wanted to be a doe, but through no choice of his own he was born with the physical attributes of a male?

Perhaps this hypothetical buck associated almost exclusively for his three years on earth strictly with the opposite sex and indeed, was terminated in the presence of same. Wouldn’t an argument that, on the inside, this putative buck had always felt he identified more closely with other does? Could it not be said that any buck, in the virtual absence of social media outlets for deer to express their true sexual LGBQRST persona, and by virtue of their propensity to fraternize with other does, in essence was actually  a doe trapped in a buck’s body?

I’m just wondering if a body could get the game warden to buy that bullshit, because society and the Supreme Court already do.

Humor abounds here as most know.

Happy Labor Day.

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  1. Don Bichler says:

    If you brought your DeWalt 20v Max chainsaw with you and you cut off both ends, I don’t see any problems there. Might work with “humans” too but may have a hard time explaining the torso tied to the right front fender of the truck to the local gendarmes? I am kidding but just another “hypothetical” case that often appears on this site. Everyone can do as they please but just wish they would keep it at home.

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