Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and veterans

Based on news reports, governmental and community responses to Harvey have been robust so far (LINK).  There isn’t much space between Harvey and Irma, and although Jose may not become a hurricane, it’s still worrisome.  It is no exaggeration or cliche to say that this hurricane season may be of (almost) biblical proportions.

Click to go to hurricane warnings at NOAA.

About 175,000 veterans in the Houston area enrolled in VHA out of  500,00 local veterans ( -LINK).  It’s hard to know how many of them have lost loved ones, pets, homes, vehicles, or businesses.  Some will have their benefits delayed, records misplaced or destroyed and numerous other extraordinary hardships and mishaps. The VA posts updates on their activities on the VAntage blog (LINK). Irma (LINK).  Harvey (LINK).

Promises, promises

“If you are a Hurricane Harvey affected Veteran and needing urgent care, go to your nearest provider and VA will take care of the bill – this is through Choice.”

Annapurni Teague, associate chief of staff for outpatient care, Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center  (LINK)

Time will tell.  Since enrollment is based on lower incomes for the most part, not on having served their country–as many in the civilian public believe–many vets in need of care can be turned away.

Everyone is at risk for serious exposure to toxins such as molds after events like this, especially if they attempt to remediate their homes rather than raze and rebuild. (USA Today story– LINK)

The City of Houston tracks daily mold and pollen counts.

Click to go to the Health department.

This brings to mind an important benefit for veterans eligible to be enrolled by VA health care:  Allergy testing and treatments.  Many large VA medical centers have allergy clinics and I assume that Choice will cover the services available at those VHAs.

Many veterans with private insurance have large co-pays, deductibles and/or treatment limitations or no coverage at all.  Medicare does not  cover allergy testing without medically necessarily indications. For a list of covered and limitations, this webpage provides a comprehensive list (LINK) of medical codes.

So stay safe and let’s hope for a continued compassionate professional response in the aftermath of Hurricane Season 2017 because hurricane fatigue may settle in as the weeks and months continue.  If anyone at Asknod has had allergy-related ( ex. bad mold issues) information or insurance stories to share, please comment!

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22 Responses to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and veterans

  1. SPrice says:

    My son works for Farmers Insurance. He was sent to Texas with instructions to process claims as fast as he can. I asked how it’s going and he sent me back a picture of a big store boarded up with a sign that says, “No food, no gas”.

    I asked, “So what do you do for gas?” and he answered….

    “It’s kinda like Mad Max. There are individual gas barons down here who control all the major resources. You can barter sun-dried lizards and irradiated water but the real money is in wetwork.”

    He must have gotten it from his father, along with the allergies.

  2. Kiedove says:

    Michael–Thank goodness your caretaking in 2005 was wasn’t interrupted. “Driving around in circles”-
    So that’s what is being referred to as Houston’s previous failed attempt to evacuation the city–Ka
    rina. The government is being blamed now for now getting people out before landfall.

  3. Karen S says:

    Antifa disease. Damn autocorrect

  4. Karen S says:

    Antofagasta disease? I am strongly Anti-Nazi and anti-KKK! My father was held by the Nazis for 5 1/2 years. This White Supremacy BS is no joke.

  5. Charlie says:

    Batten down hatches! Shiver me timbers! Mrs. Brown and I are getting deep into hurricane survival mode, we hope! Hurricane shutters go up tomorrow. Storm arrives here this weekend. This “ Irma” looks like she is going to be a real bitch! But if it keeps up sustained winds of 180 mph there is not going to be too much standing after she passes through. Damn, where is that chopper?

    Charles E. Brown, Attorney

    Member: Michigan, Georgia, and California State Bar Associations

    Accredited by Department of Veterans Affairs; VA POA: 4M8

    Member of National Organization of Veterans Advocates

    Law Offices of Charles E. Brown PLLC

    16245 Diamond Bay Drive, Wimauma, FL 33598

    Office: (248) 891-1331; Fax: (813) 419-4064


    • Kiedove says:

      We are so not ready for natural disasters (VT) looking at the supply lists on this site.

      It the very least, I need to fill a bin with a am/fm radio, food,new matches (have candles), batteries. What’s in your kit?

  6. Karen S says:

    If Irma’s trajectory continues as stated, it will hit at my back door. Praying.

    • asknod says:

      Ah, yes. The chemtrail sniffers weigh in on what is causing antifa disease.Where would we be without conspiracy buffs to protect us.

        • Kiedove says:

          This is a new one for me. The 2005 BBC movie Dimming the Sun Linked to looks good but I don’t need to expose myself to anymore scary stuff. Had enough for this year already….

        • asknod says:

          Herb, it only becomes a documented fact when you personally supervise the loading of the chemicals into the aircraft’s tanks at the international airport near you and then personally board the A/C. Take a camera. Make sure you get good pictures of the spray gear on the wings prior to wheels up which always seem to be near the engine nacelles (obviously the worst spot because it would incinerate the product long before it could become effective for whatever it’s supposed to do). Then note that these “chemicals” magically only leave “trails” after you attain 26,000′ ASL and not a moment sooner. Ask the pilot to fly lower (say about 5,000 ASL) and attempt to take pictures of the “chemtrails”. Remember, you will not be able to have passengers or luggage aboard as the A/C would be too heavy to take off with the added weight of tanks and chemicals. Then wonder, just for shits and grins, how United and Delta can afford to fly around spraying without paying passengers. Ah, you say, they are military A/C doing the spraying, right? Negatory. Use my FlightRadar24 widget above to identify the A/C flying over you spewing these magic substances. Ruh-oh, Rorge. The IFF shows it’s a Japan Air Boeing 747 headed to Tokyo. Explanation? That’s the beauty of believing in this. I have to prove to you that I’m right. That dog won’t hunt, Herb. I’ve flown in F-4s at 26 K. I personally know there were nothing more than Nape and Mk-82 500 lb. ordnance hanging on the hard points. No spray gear. No dice, bubba. Next theory?

            • asknod says:

              Lottsa cool pictures, Herb but no smoking gun. What kind of herbs are you smoking? I want some.

              • herb says:

                Do a soil sample of you place, I know you will find High levels of Aluminum and Barium and other fun stuff, we did one here off the charts, thats proof bubba, its in our soil and water.I bet you believe in the 911 fairy tail too.

                • asknod says:

                  Again, I try to explain, sir. Do you understand the concept of provenance? I could have Agent Orange or Blue in my garden soil but it doesn’t prove it was sprayed from an aircraft. Maybe it fell out of the tooth fairy’s pocket when she/he visited my son about 25 years ago. You can send us 1,000 pictures of contrails emitting from the engines of any aircraft known to man but it doesn’t prove the contrails are “chemtrails.” In order to prove provenance, we’d have to go down to the airport and you could show me the actual spray gear/ storage tanks in the passenger compartment and the holding area adjacent to the runway where they store these mind altering or atmospheric altering chemicals. You would have to point out the tanker trucks that load these chemicals into the aircraft . But most of all, Herb, you’d have to explain how (or why) a commercial airline would spend every waking hour spraying the atmosphere with a chemical and not engaging in their stated mission of making money for their shareholders transporting people instead of spraying said chemicals.
                  Better yet, imagine the atmosphere as a swimming pool holding millions of gallons of water. Now take an eyedropper and drip 10 drops of FD&C #2 Red food dye into the pool and tell me what happens. Did it turn red? Can you analyze the water and even find those ten drops? Do you understand ten million aircraft could spray 24/7/365 for 100 years and not make a dent in the contamination of the volume of air in the atmosphere? I think like a scientist. Show me your proof and I’ll agree. Show me an aircraft at 33 K ASL with contrails and I’ll continue to call them just that because it’s science-not a deep dark conspiracy by the Illuminati to poison me or control my mind. I’m kinda guessing maybe you were abducted by aliens and they brainwashed you. That’s far more credible than what you propose, sir.

  7. Michael says:

    Appreciate you mentioning the Choice options! Was in Houston in 2005 for Katrina. Caring for my vet friend of 58 years with his twenty one VA meds!! He couldn’t/wouldn’t leave and we had fun watching the millions out on the freeway, driving around in circles. katrina was nada, and we never lost our TV signal! MOLD is a killer if one already has lung issues, be vigilant vets, we’re hoping and praying for your welfare and care.

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