Cupcake spotted this and I feel it is more than à propos in this day and age of nonstop warfare with only more on the horizon.





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5 Responses to BEFORE AND AFTER

  1. john king says:

    I have been ready a trilogy about War in the Pacific during WW11. People like MacArthur and his contemporaries in the high command used soldiers, marines and sailors as cheap tools to realize their ambitions of glory. This is why Washington and the founding fathers were so right to rest control of the military in civilian hands even if those hands are corrupt.

    • Don Bichler says:

      There were so many of those islands in the Pacific that they could have isolated and concentrated on the main ones. They would have surrendered eventually and would have saved thousands of lives. Good thing we only had two nukes and Truman as president. The generals were ready to go after the soviets. Which was great for GE and Northrup, etc. The cold war made them billions. And still does. Too bad we can’t have the corporations that are making money off our backs (and limbs and guts) pay into a fund based on profits that would fund the VA. Cause and effect. Rambling.

  2. Don Bichler says:

    The navy gets the gravy but the Army gets the beans.

  3. Sad but true……………

  4. clear left says:


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