Here’s a great article that takes a critical look at you and your c&p examiner who makes that million dollar decision. What he doesn’t know about the military is what will sink your claim. This is a “Nexus Bible” for shrinks to help them get it right. Now, given the attention span of even the most intelligent among us, it’s highly likely they’ll have to read it repeatedly every two days to retain even a tenth of it. Thanks to SquareBob Lawpants for the article.

Military Service Records Searching for the Truth VA Psychiatric Exams Dr Moering

What you need to succeed, ladies and gentlemen.

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  1. Beth Allison-Christy says:

    Year 22 — yup TWENTY-TWO years of appeal after appeal and NODs for my brother. 3 tours in hell and they think they gifted him with 30%. WTH? Congressmen who want to help are a joke. Going on 3+ years of “assistance from my Congressman” My brother receives a nice letter every 120 days from his office saying he contacted VA and they are “working on it” (he just received #15). How absolutely stupid do they think people are and that it’s okay to send the same damn form letter every 120 days. Not to mention the brilliant minds at VA wanting my brother to prove he encountered or witnessed a traumatic event in Vietnam—that just makes ya shake your head. I’m not quitting – I keep at the jerks. One VA rep who finally did answer the phone called me a “tenacious bitch”. Whatever. The truth is they are waiting for these guys to die so they can forget.

    • asknod says:

      Sounds like you need to hire an attorney or agent to call them “bloodsucking Govt. employees”. I know what it feels like It took 23 years from start to finish for me to get it all.

  2. SPrice says:

    Regarding the issue of being in combat to prove that you have PTSD….actually, some people can develop PTSD from watching others go through trauma. Here’s what one of the experts says….

    “The opioid system is supposed to alleviate pain and fear but it does not work as effectively in all of us, which might be one of the reasons why some people develop anxiety syndrome merely by seeing others experience a trauma.

    Some people are over-sensitive to this form of social learning. Our study shows that the endogenous opioid system affects how sensitive we are and may explain why some people develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) merely by observing others who are experiencing traumatic events. After terror attacks, sensitive people might be afraid even if they themselves were not present,” says main author Jan Haaker, associated researcher at Karolinska Institutet’s Department of Clinical Neuroscience.”


  3. woodguy11 says:

    I feel your pain…..I have applied 3 times and when their response came back I just threw my hands in the air and said screw it. I was too busy trying to survive and moved around a lot. They sent me a C&P exam date but I never showed up because it either went to the wrong address or I just didn’t want to deal with the Gov.

  4. Don Bichler says:

    Mine was in the Coast Guard and he sheepishly admitted it. May not have been on a boat. Ended up with 30% as I am a model citizen now (?) Have had doctors and anesthesiologists and nurses at the VA medical ask me why I am getting only that amount as a combat vet w/PH, etc. Told them I don’t want to go through the bs again and thought maybe the government would take away some firearm privileges if things got tight. Just filed a Cervical Spine appeal and that was enough in itself to ward me off of dealing with this crap again.

    • Ron says:

      Sounds like Slick Wille’s comment. Not meaning to be harsh but you did exactly what they (the rating board blokes) wanted you to do and that is to give up. What they do not want is for you to come back at them again and again. I knew one guy, a Viet Vet, who kept coming back for over fifteen years. It wasn’t till he found out that a cook on a ship was rated 70% who was in the Gulf War. Must have seen heavy action in the galley those days and had nightmares of hot spatulas flying at him. The man then went to his congressperson (politically correct version of congressman) and filed a complaint on the rating board. The congressman then investigated his claim. Afterward he was rated at 100% thanks to the investigation. So don’t give up because that is what they want you to do and they will gladly give narratives on why they cant rate you higher that makes nonsense to read it.

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