This story is our first day of the drive to San Antonio, TX for the Spring NOVA conference. We overnighted at the Fairfield Inn in Redding,  California. I’m not advertising Marriott Rewards™ but they have the cat’s pajamas on their staff. Meet Harry the Cat. This is a hoot. He even has his own Facebook page. He has quite a story and as you can see by his left ear, he’s no stranger to getting in a tussle. He met us in the parking lot as I parked and showed us where the front door was. He likes to ride the baggage cart, too.


100% P&T  Fairfield Inn–Redding CA


This is on the front desk:

Every business needs a gimmick. Jack is the neatest thing since sliced bread at that hotel. They have a nice staff and the addition of Harry is like peas and carrots. We purposefully planned our gas stop on the way home to get off the freeway and go visit Jack. Unfortunately, he was in back taking a nap so we missed him on this pass. He’s worth the visit if only for a get-on, get-0ff of Interstate 5. He’s that neat. It’s eerie that he knows his boundaries and plays his part to the hilt.

TDIU in Oatman, Arizona

Another gotta stop if you love animals. These are the wild burros that live in the upper desert and come down for breakfast daily in high season when the tourists are present. They’re darling and also seem to know the boundaries of good taste. They’re about 30 miles east of Bullhead City/Laughlin. Try the Oatman Cafe. They have real fresh-squeezed Orange Juice at no extra charge versus regular store-bought OJ for breakfast. Killer chicken fried steaks and hash browns from hell. Get there early.

Burros awaiting compensation payments Monday, 23 April 2017

Unemployed…with children


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  1. Longfellow Rogoczy says:

    I have a sincere fondness for Red Tabbies, too!

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