capture-fedweekJust spotted this one. An excellent App. Will append it to the “VAROs and who’s who above in widgets.

Here’s the link to the website:

The downside to this is obvious. It’s a VA site and you have to “join” to submit comments. One doesn’t have to be room temperature IQ to realize an off the cuff remark, no matter how flippant on its face or innocently intended, now has an address.  I’m not a conspiracy freak but I look at past VA history. It seems whistleblowers at VA who call the VA OIG to report their superiors’ mis/malfeasance suddenly become the focus of the investigation themselves.

It’s kinda like when you were a FNG in-country about a week. The first “perimeter breach” at 0200, you light up on full auto. All of a sudden there are more f___ing bullets than you can count humming around you. Nobody wants to play Army with you or sit anywhere near you. You’re a pariah waving a lightsaber with tracers. I hate that when that happens.


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