haditlogo2007Jerrel and the Bugtustle crew invited me over to do a show at Hadit.com on Thursday. Airtime commences a 1600 Hrs Local Pacific and 1900 Hrs Eastern. Standard practice will be to check my political correctness at the door and give you the insider report on the Agency you dream on. Lots of news to report on ILP. We’re ‘pushing the envelope.’

The best is that today, on day 1,967 of my filing, one year and 14 days after the BVA grant, the VA VR&E guy who drew the short straw called to get the bid number from Farmtek. For the greenhouse. We chatted for one hour and 18 minutes. He knows a heap more about ILP now than he did this morning.

Be there or be square. the call in number is 

347-237-4819 (push #1 to talk)


And as for you who think all us Air Force types had it easy, remember we’re the new kids on the block. We’re always testing our limits-and the Navy’s. That’s what makes us tick.



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