14322247_1276374675759141_4927986291961620399_nI was sent this – oh hell, these. Without taking sides, I do think they involve a profound sense of humor rarely seen anymore. This isn’t political hit photojournalism. This is high art Twenty first Century style. 




I received this from another member who asked to remain nameless. I’m betting a Veteran owns that business. When we began asknod, I voted for WWVD or What Would a Veteran Do? I was outvoted for ask Notice Of Disagreement? That’s not even proper English. Nevermiind. I get it.   Asknod what your country can do for you. Right?


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2 Responses to VAMCs… WHAT IF?

  1. Ron says:

    It is interesting that you received those photos. As you say, 21st century stile humor.
    Having been the “recipient, victim, etc, ad nauseum, of pneumonia now three times, one time due to the beloved Swine Flu Vaccine doled out in 1975 by our dear commander in chief Gerald Ford’s reign of terror, I do not believe that the queen had it. If she truly did she wouldn’t have appeared in just a few hours stating loudly “I’m fine.”
    I ran high fevers, loss of appetite, profound lethargy, inability to focus mentally and inability to speak much above a whisper. This woman is either pumped up on some powerful drug like a steroid, or she is not really “her majesty” as the picture tends to purport but instead a body double.
    This election cycle, just as in 2000, 1992, 1976, and on and on has given us another group of candidates that not to many like, myself included. If you read Ron Kessler’s book “In The Presiden’t Secret Service” you realize that the secret service agent was correct when he said,
    “If the public really knew what these men were like, and now a woman, no one would vote for them.

  2. Kiedove says:

    Hillary’s bout of pneumonia. Ouch. My husband had this is May. He wWent to UVM ER via ambulance who admitted him for one night and many tests (chest, brain,blood) and heavy meds. No way he could walk. Follow up care was through the VA clinic in Burlington with his smart PC. She wanted a follow-up x-ray and gave him an order to go to UVM for that BUT a self-addressed CD-size envelope addressed to WRJ to mail via USPS to be read by THEIR VA radiologists. Lungs all clear now.
    I’ll post about the hospital bill later.

    I watched the video of Hillary fall and her need to lifted into the van. It was clear she was very ill with something. This was not a little stumble. Without staff to brace and aid her, this would have been an “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” moment and with fractures and deep bruising. When I found out what she had I felt sorry for her. Why? To be so driven to keep up appearances that she would put herself through that. And I have to question her wimpy doctor for not being more pro-active with her famous patient. Or Bill’s dismissal of her illness as a little flu.

    In this case, Hillary would have received excellent treatment at the VA compared to the secret care she received in her house in Westchester! She would have gotten a complete workup. Pneumonia kills thousands of oldies each year. What was her doctor thinking? This could have been a teachable moment. That her life, and all lives, are more important than fund-raising parties etc…Everyone–Stay home. Don’t spread germs. Rest and get well.

    And you know those wipes at big box and grocery store entrances? Use them to clean the cart handles before shopping! Those push cart handles are very germy. I learned this the hard way recently. Now I wipe them down before touching them.

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