flintstones_ribs2Remember the brontoribs that tipped over Fred Flinstone’s  19570 BC T-bird at the A&W Drive in? Well, imagine this. Cupcake takes us up to the doctor in Issaquah who is the last word in Naturopathic. Driving through town to get there we spot a butcher store that’s celebrating its 100th year. That would be like 1776 if Issaquah was Boston.  I think the town has been around since the late 1880’s so this is ooooold. The old man could probably tell you when they replaced the cobblestones with laterite. 

Cupcake- Spring Solstice 1980, 1st Place Best Women's toga.

Cupcake- Spring Solstice 1980, 1st Place –           Best  Patrician Women’s toga.

Knowing my attraction to the finer things in life we can ill-afford, my adoring Cupcake stopped on the way home. The good news is they know how to cut what’s for dinner. Our PBA (personal butcher assistant) was from Wyoming. When I pointed Cupcake to the Brontosaurus “Cowboy steaks” he asked if there was something wrong. I said no politely. I explained that the art form of cutting a decent steak had fallen prey to the economy and a Safeway mentality -in short, a lost art. Being a connoisseur of fine things, I felt obligated to try his wares.

A steak should be substantial, well-marbled and have a reasonable chance it will satisfy the  eventual steakholder. Too little and the beefeater is left unfulfilled. Too much and s/he feels it wasteful. Here’s the perfect Goldilocks size for that 5’8 -5’10”, 10 1/2 stone man. Half that for a fair maiden or your cupcake…


3 inch Wyoming cut


This is just one in the Betty Crocker Adventures in Cooking series on Primal Meat Urges and rated a “must eat” of 5. We highly recommend it. And yes. I’m going to eat the fat. Happy Labor Day Weekend to you all.


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  1. Mudbone (Discipulus) says:

    Buckwheat, a genuine term of endearment, is meant to encompass my heart felt appreciation for your refreshing and intelligent work, healthy mind and body, your humor, wisdom, and altruism. Your exemplary work and infectious passion incite the masses to listen, learn, and follow your lead.

    Let me state on behalf of the many readers and users of this site, you, like my dear friend and confidant Big Mac of the Midway, are righteous souls. Your journey on earth is a heart felt blessing and inspiration to saints and sinners alike.

    Your choice of a Cowboy Steak may not be in the best (health) interest for readers like me but the beef sure looks mighty fine. Accordingly, in observation and celebration of our nations’ incredible workforce, this blessed Labor Day weekend, I hereby proclaim, from the present moment until exactly two-three-five-nine (2359) hours, Monday, 5 September 2016, it is my humble honor to bestow upon you, a new, albeit temporary term of endearment.

    During the festive period described above, (as you recover from the brontobeef) may your friends and loved ones officially know you as, “Buckweak” or “Buckweak the beloved!” On Tuesday, you will revert back to, Sir Buckwheat.

    On a serious note, speaking of a different steak, or more accurately great mistakes, let us consider the term, “stakeholder” especially as it relates to veterans. Without question, we vets are significant stakeholders!

    Sadly, far too many VA SES types act and feel like privileged agency shareholders refusing to acknowledge veterans as stakeholders. A pervasive and insulting attitude exists that I describe as, “Shareholders get the steak and stakeholders get the shaft.” As I have lamented to Midway’s Miraculous Mac, this systemic and unacceptable mind-set on the part of VA (and Congressional) leadership is unacceptable and must change!

    May your labor and excellent stewardship continue to right the wrongs!

    Happy Labor Day and enjoy the beef.

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