635646931319099161-veterans-administration-logoAfter waiting for what I consider an eternity, VA’s Office of General Counsel finally has approved my application for VA Agent status. For some reason, VA tends to drag their feet on notifications and the delay here has been excruciatingly long. I called VA this morning after a charter member of, Malcolm Melancon, inquired after the progress of my application. Some of you may remember Malcolm’s case. We still have yet to resolve it. I propose to do just that-very soon.

I filed the application July 15th,  2015 and waited patiently for my three attorney references (Bob Walsh, Katrina Eagle and Keith Snyder) to submit their letters promising I was trustworthy. Next, in December, I went through an exhaustive Criminal Background Investigation (CBI) just in case the attorneys were misinformed or in error as to my bona fides.

Red TapeThe third stage was an anomaly. I had listed myself as 100% disabled and “unemployed”. That set off all the whistles and alarms at 810 Yellow Brick Rd. NW. Anyone 100% schedular or TDIU at the VBA is automatically assumed to have mental aberrations a la Bent Brain Syndrome. I had to provide a list of disabilities and a note from my treating physician that I was oriented in all three planes of existence and would not make a complete ass of myself should I be allowed to represent Vets. How they allow all those folks from the DAV/VFW/MOPH etc. to file tinnitus at 10% for each ear without reading Diagnostic Code 626o escapes me. Seems they’d be the ones who would be disbarred from repping Vets.

A gentleman this morning who took my call was polite as punch and looked up my application. Lo and behold, I have been approved to take the test. The gal that was in charge of notifying me was “indisposed” or on vacation and will be sending me the secret pass code to make a reservation for the test. I cannot describe the excitement in words. I do hope I pass the audition. VA will be giving me the license to right so many wrongs that have festered for decades. Butch Long, Malcolm Melancon and innumerable others have waited ever so patiently for my investiture into this exclusive club. I pray I will not let any of you down. It’s a sacred trust to be asked to help. Having personally endured three different Veterans Service Organization representatives with virtually no knowledge of the process that gained me zilch, I look forward to making a difference in the lives of many Veterans with the time I have left.

And that’s all I’m going to say about that-for now. Thank you all for your patience.


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  1. Alright, you’re on your way — wonderful news!

    • asknod says:

      Got the email this AM with the password. When I called to schedule, they asked how far outside of San Francisco I was. I mentioned Seattle. I swear the next thing asked was “Are you sure?” I said ‘Yeah-I can tell. It’s raining’. Only a VA employee, Vicki- and only at the OGC.

  2. …I have complete confidence in you A, we all know what you’re made of, and it’s getting close to the time for you to put the brakes on the ole VA ‘hamster wheel’ for a lot of us Vets…God bless you for all that you’ve done for us A, and especially for all your unselfish devotion in helping out your brothers and sisters…! Your a God send…!

  3. Clear Left says:

    Well my my. Since your VRC failed to include you in the planning process and your approved GH IILP has yet to have pen to paper… May I suggest an attached 900sq ft office space with all the office machinery needed be incorporated into the construction process for assisting disabled Veterans with their claims.. With this addition all the requisite boxes would then be doubled checked. Avocational,. Helping other Vets, blah blah blah blah.
    You delay you have to pay.
    Time to get out of the sun sweltering on this side. Wait. I am out of the sun.

    Clear left anyway.


  4. Gary Butler says:

    Yup, great work if I need you I’d use you before an attorney… Anybody fighting as long as you and in the weeds for so long has got to know more than an attorney, which of course you will deny but I am entitled to my opinion. Please use you mailing list to alert us when the e-book is available for download.

  5. SPrice says:

    Great news. This must be our year.

  6. Alex,

    My heartfelt congratulations go out to you sir!!! You will pass the test with no problems I am sure:o) I am honored beyond words that the best and most vocal, honest and caring veteran I know will be at the forefront of finally being able to make a difference in other veteran’s lives the way you did in mine and so may others over the years. Had it not been for your considerable input, intellect and knowledge I never would have won my SMC-R2 claim. You asked me for nothing, and gave me more than I could ever have hoped for. People like yourself Alex only come around once in a lifetime, and Its my sincere pleasure to know you along with Mrs. Karen.

    Congratulations Alex,

    Dr. Kevin B.

  7. markworthen says:

    Congratulations AskNod!

    Many, many veterans will no doubt benefit from this long-awaited decision.

  8. Karen S says:

    Ask Nod cannot, will not, be corrupted by the VA. Ever. Period.

  9. mark says:

    Great News Alex, You have come Full Circle

  10. john king says:

    Do you think finally having Nonattorney Practitioner Status will have an inevitable corrupting effect on your ability to take objective look at the hideous creation congress has created named the Veteran’s Affairs Department. You will be on the inside looking out instead of the outside looking in. I am asking this not as a personal question so much as a process question. Can anyone even get near the VA system as a spoke in the wheel without being influenced by this corrupt system? I am in the system as a beneficiary and to some extent it has corrupted my vision of the institution. I want my check each month. Whatever makes that possible is good to me. If my check is threatened that is bad. This is because due to desperation I had to claim VA benefits. The VA says jump and I must say “How High” to get my check and to get care if I really need it.
    This is nothing personal because you know I respect you as vet and a person.

    • asknod says:

      Let us address this John. My stature within this system will be one of hired advocate rather than beholden to them as a VSO supplicant. While I understand your predicament, I am luckily blessed and the VA cannot hold me captive with their compensation. My legal position becomes one of an adversary based on 27 years of broken promises. Rather than beg hat in hand to sit and read a C-file at the RO (after a 90-mile drive), I can now file a POA for the Veteran and soon view his c-file from the comfort of my own home. No 6 month wait for them to provide it. You and I both know the horrors of this system. I go in with eyes wide open and forewarned of their dishonesty. I also have the winning recipe for this which is what about 90% of VSOs sorely lack or refuse to share with the Vet. There’s no money in losing. And you know which cases I’m going to focus on. Our war, Brother. Win or Die.

  11. MS Frank says:


  12. cdneh says:

    Excellent news! Well done!

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