haditlogo2007Jerrel will regale us with his three-judge BVA hearing that shrank down to a  GS-11 (Step 7) Decision Review Officer hearing with LawBob Squarepants Bob Walsh. John will take a break from scuba diving in his underwater kitchen looking for his plumbing leak and/or the potential natural springs that have taken up residence under the kitchen floor. And I will add legal commentary on the important subject of the very real difference between an IMO and an IME and what each term really means in VA Jurisprudence. Be there or be square tomorrow afternoon at 1900 Hrs L on the Least Coast and 1600 Hrs L for Vets on the more enlightened Left Coast. 

imagesAs usual, we welcome questions and even look forward to them. If anyone out there knows it all, then you have the potential to be very rich. VA law is so rife with error, a determined Sherlock Holmes-type sleuth can always find gross error in past VA adjudications. And since we inhabit a Veteran-friendly, nonadversarial environment, we can always go back in our DeLorean Time machines and rectify it to our financial advantage. Assuming we know how. Tune in to learn. Tune in to win.


The number remains


The gal with the English accent from Wellesley is still aboard


And to speak to us, press the number “one” on your phone and we’ll bring you in.


Tomorrow’s show is brought to you by the letter J and the number 3


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