Hugh Cox

Hugh Cox Esq.

I received this update on VBSM VBMS technique recently from Hugh Cox, one of the older premiere VA attorneys still standing. He cofounded NOVA in 1992 with several other prominent law dogs. These talismans are required now because we are dealing with VADHD issues at the Evidence Intake Center in Cheeseville,  Wisconsin. I leave it in Microsoft Word for you to revamp it  as necessary.  

VBMS Medical submissions to VA

Remember also that the VA OIG visited the Newnan, Georgia VA intake center last month semi-unannounced and found  rooms of unopened mail awaiting processing. Shocked. I am shocked.

Believe it or not, Secretary Bob (almost) immediately shut them down for the near-term and everything is being routed to Cheeseville until then. I wonder why he can’t do that with Diane and Kimberly? And about 500 other gomer VA GS and SES losers.

va snake

photoNot to bogart but I proudly display the decal of the Vietnam Dustoff Association “So Others May Live” and it inspired me to think that what I do is triage. I’m the last one they come to for advice and some are pleasantly surprised at what I can dredge up out of an old, old c-file. And so you just know what came to mind…


Brings to mind a lot of old memories. Thank you all for letting me help…back then and now.

Somebody please call in and ask about “de novo review”  today. Also another topic of interest is Buddy Letters with too much kill zone and not enough Joe Friday “just the facts, ma’m. Just the facts…

Eleven minutes to the show.

Link to Federal  Circuit Bar Journal:   http://www.veteranslawlibrary.com/files/Articles/NowistheTime.pdf

And the ILP Greenhouse line…

Mr. Graham,


We acknowledge that this has been a long process and we thank you for your patience on what you may interpret as our unwillingness to honor the BVA decision or an arbitrary refusal to act on the VA Secretary’s part. The earlier delay in providing services was because your request is a highly unusual independent living request that required us seek advisory opinions from our higher headquarters to answer questions raised about the delivery of services. I would also like to clear up a few misconception you may have about the process, this is not a grant, but a service delivered by VR&E Services.  The greenhouse you are requesting must be provided by VR&E Services and we must certify both at the beginning of the process and again at the end of the process that it meets the required intent.

Although we are the regional representatives of VR&E Services, we cannot deviate from prescribed policies and practices for delivering those services.  As vocational specialist, we are not trained or prepared to oversee major construction projects, therefore we had to submit your request through the regional contracting office to solicit bids for a Construction Manager that will be assigned to work with Mr. Hollaway to deliver the services prescribed.  I contacted the contracting office today and they are working to bring closure to your bid process, they anticipate another 30 to 45 days for completion.  The intervention by a Construction Manager is necessary because in the past there were concerns raised by reviewing officials, permitting officials, as well as rehabilitation counselors themselves about assigned construction projects, therefore VR&E Services changed procedures a few years ago requiring the assignment of Construction Managers to provide guidance and expertise on these IL projects.

Again, I thank you for your patience on this endeavor and hope as you do that it can be accomplished as soon as possible.  If you have further questions or concerns, please contact your Vocational  Rehabilitation Counselor, Kris Holloway at (206)

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  1. Kiedove says:

    Re: Now is the Time–page 381 footnote # 73 ASKNOD !

  2. Kiedove says:

    I always seem to miss these live events but have caught up with some on the Hadit.com podcast archive.
    Oh, I did find out what a de novo review was….

  3. Longfellow Rogoczy says:

    Thanks, Alex

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