CaptureThis is priceless. If Kiedove is going to jump in with a political theme, I promise I will only offer suitable entertainment that is G-rated to counterbalance her thrust. Imagine the effort involved to create this and you have to compliment the progenitor(s). What the hey? I don’t care if it came out of Trump’s Ars Gratia Artis barn. It’s political genius in this race-to-the-bottom presidential event. I promise you. You’re gonna love this one.


Capture 2

P.S. I remind you that I remain politically neutral in this year’s antagonistic choices. Ronald, Ronald. Wherefore art thou Ronald?

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  1. Kiedove says:

    The only way I’m getting through these primaries is by watching Saturday Night Live skits, political cartoons, and Facebook mems etc.. The best things however about these primaries is that people are more involved, especially youth. And we are learning a lot more about campaign financing, the power of establishment superdelegates, etc…On the GOP side, they decided that they didn’t want a third term for the Bush family dynasty. It remains to be seen if DEMS want a third term for the Clinton power team. No matter who we think is best person to employed as President, I think we can all agree that this has been an atypical and surprising political season.

  2. Ron Smith says:

    The honest to God truth is that Trump by taking the grass roots cause has the S*** scared out of the RNC and the DNC. The RNC has their head delegate Curly Haughland (Interesting name. likely one of the three stoogies himself) making commnets like “The public thinks they choose the president but it is really us that makes the choice.” Or something along that vein.
    In either event, I feel the ring in my nose being tugged hard enough to make my nose bleed.

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