USAF SSGT. Alicia Watkins (ret.)

I do not condone any candidate. I refuse to be political because they are all cut from the same bolt of cloth. But… you do have to admit this is the stuff that wins votes. It’s like kissing babies  and  gladhanding or any other meaningless political gesture, but… this is the second time Mr. T has decided to do something  Pro-Veteran in as many months. 

I’m not a betting man and I do not need to slay a chicken to study its entrails. Conduct of this nature will bring him much in the way of Veterans’ support. It appears he has learned Vetspeak. Whether this particular incident was contrived or genuine, it was a masterful ploy to play on our collective conscience. I’d say it works. You don’t notice any other candidates from either party jumping in there and hiring us cold off the street.

Incredible timing? Coincidence? I doubt it. Occam’s Razor dictates the whole thing was orchestrated. But… Veterans are natural problem-solvers and solution oriented folks. We get about 15% of our due so any uptick in successes is noticed. Do it on a National stage and you stand out like white on rice.

And that’s all I’m going to say about that.


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  1. john king says:

    I am political in the sense that I don’t believe that the majority of people were born with saddles on their backs, and a tiny percentage were born with riding boots and whips. So me and Tom Jefferson agree on that one. Funny coming from old Tom since he was a slave holder, but I get his point I think. Also I don’t think corporations are people and that AIG, DOW or J.P. Morgan should be more equal than me because they control billions of dollars. I don’t envy people that earn their money even if they are billionaires. I do resent a political-economic class that perpetuates itself generation to generation as our masters while we live and die to make them and their kids richer than kings. I like what Kevin has to say. The idea of America of 1776 is worth fighting for, but we have never known that America. I just don’t think .01% of the population in the USA should have more than 2/3 of the rest of us. Once you get more than around 10 million bucks in assets you stop actually earning a living. The money is earning your living. I know how the system works, but lack the grease to make it work to the limit. Most vets don’t have the grease to even survive for a month if their check stopped like about 90% of the rest of Americans.

  2. A,

    I love your post… There are two things in life I refuse to discuss… Politics and Religion… In the political arena its a different president every 4-8 years but the same lies. In the religious sector we are in the 21st century still playing my God is better than your God. If Mr. T wins, I hope that he will think things through with regard to putting up a wall!!! I had to defend the last one in sub-zero weather, and although I am up in age, I would not want my son or grandson to have to be the one to guard the next one. As far as Islamist coming to this country? So long as an extensive background check at their expense is concluded, then please, by all means come in. But to open the flood gates to a religious group intent on changing our country to fit their religious views, then NO, I don’t wish them in. When you come to America be prepared to learn English, be prepared to enjoy our lifestyle and customs, and if its not what you were looking for, then please, by all means go back home again… America is worth fighting for, and one of the reasons I joined the military way back when. I enjoy the simple things in life, and politics and religion are not that simple… I wish you all a wonderful day:)

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