VAWe search the BVA constantly for these kinds of decisions. Here’s a daisy. Not only did the Vet win entirely based on the supposition that it was caused by jetguns, He also convinced his VA doctor who did the transplant to write a glowing nexus letter implicating one, and only one risk- our old friend Mr. Pedojet.

Few Hep decisions rest entirely on a sole risk factor when you do claim a jetgun risk. The VA usually has to throw in a STD or two and a side of tattoos. This one stands alone and also stands out for another reason. He was repped by DAV. I’m sure it was either an exceptional service representative or the efforts of the Vet entirely by himself. They are so rare to see unshepherded by an attorney as to be an anomaly.

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  1. Dan Hughes says:

    No nexus=no victory.

  2. SPrice says:

    It says, “an August 2012 VA examiner stated in September 2014 and October 2014 supplemental opinions that hepatitis C and liver disease were most likely due to a long-standing history of alcohol abuse, and not air gun injectors”

    ha! Guess that examiner doesn’t get a bonus.

  3. Roberto Perez says:

    I’am still waiting for the decision, if is negative, i make a copy of this case to presented to the DRO

    thank you asknod

  4. woodguy11 says:

    I have a problem with this attorney I hired….He has several cases here and they are Hep-C with other claims and not one has a nexu/s and all were denied. So if I get a nexus from my doc I’ll be sending it to janesville evidence intake center. My attorney does not use nexuses.

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