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Kimberly “Red Bull” Graves

In a surprise announcement today, VA admitted the inmates have overtaken the asylum and now roam the hallowed halls of the Minneapolis and Philadelphia ROs. I assume they are referring to Diana and Kimberly’s adventures in triple dipping the VA system.  Regardless the reason, it’s apparent that you would have to bring your AR-15 shorty to work and off about 27 employees- at least one more than Sandy Hook- to provoke the dreaded “You’re fired, dude.” Really. I’m not kidding. The SES at the VA have carved out a special place in 5 USC to make their bed in. Considering we, as Veterans, cannot avail ourselves of this lovely Statute judicially, I find it incongruous how they continue to dodge the bullet, frankly.

I think what makes it harder is for Secretary Bob to have to come out and explain it to the reporters with a straight face.

Secretary Bob

” Look, guys. I fired them. I did. I sent them to, like, Thule friggin’ Greenland and they’re back. They’re like a bad penny. I’m sorry. But hey. It’s not my fault. Those Congressional chowderheads make the rules on this. If you give me the authority, I can fix it. What we have now is unworkable as I guess you can see.”

Here’s the whole story. It’s a sad week when the organization that was set up to administer to Veterans admits that a) their adjudication methods are defective, unworkable and require a major overhaul; b) said overhaul contract has already been let for $23 million and c) the hierarchy has no control over hiring, firing or discipline against it’s most highly paid employees but seeks same.

I guess I don’t have to explain what VA’s SES gomers think about this change of plans.



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8 Responses to VA GOING TITLE 38 ON SES?

  1. Clear Left says:

    Kinda reminds me again of a General with no Armies, and whole bunch of Armies with no General to rein them in.
    Sorta like Director VR&E who has no command and control authority over the Region VR&EO’s implementing the Independent Living Program. Systemic thru and thru.

  2. WindTalker says:

    AFGE Union Prez Calls VA Chair ‘A Fool, and ’Says He’ll ‘Whoop’ VA Sec’s ‘Ass’.
    As reported in the Daily Caller.

  3. Karen. S says:

    Because what they did was unethical but not illegal according to civil service rules and regs. Hubby and I have 57 years as Feds. No we never did it. No we were not at the VA. no we don’t agree with what they did.

  4. david murphy says:

    Can you see it? Folks actually having to work, be productive and accurate in their rulings and ratings. When pigs fly , sad to say

  5. woodguy11 says:

    would privatizing it work?

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