haditlogo2007Jerrel Cook has invited me on for Thursday’s Veteran to Veteran discussion. We’ll be talking about the M 21 1MR Adjudications Manual and it’s growing inflexibility. John Basser will, of course, be on hand as well. We hope you all drop in if you have a difficult question about it.

Showtime on the Least Coast is 1400 Hrs Local and 1100 Hrs (L) on the West Coast . For all of you in San Lisindro, California that means if you’re holding a map of the the US  in both hands, the west coast is closer to your left hand.




Press the numbah 1 (one) to talk to the crew. If anyone inadvertently gets bumped as last week, please take it as a sign that the producers make errors-not as a personal affront to the one inadvertently dropped. Please call back and we’ll reseat you in the audience. Agenda? We don’t have no stinkin’ agenda.

We’ll discuss how VA gives you 10% using the M21:


And to that burning question men have known for years  but could not vocalize,


If we don’t have the answer at asknod, we’ll gladly look it up for you. A warm thank you to Cousin Denise, Sam and Pop Smoke for their diligence in research for me, too.

Here were some of the links to the radio show.

Chronic kidney disease link.


3288 form for c-file http://www.va.gov/vaforms/form_detail.asp?FormNo=3288

M 21 1MR -the VA Manual of Adjudications is actually a computer program, not a paper manual to refer to.





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