Night Flares over Cork & Radar HillFire Mission! Fire Mission! LZ Whiskey Two Papa declares Tango India Charlie.Repeat- Whiskey Two Papa reports Troops in Contact on LZ.

Alpha Six Actual requests immediate Four Deuce Illumination over LZ . MACV Authorization is ”Waiting for the Sun. Repeat -“Waiting for the Sun”. Alpha Six reports Charlie Bravo Sierra is now inside the wire as of 1800 HRS Local. 

 Fire Coordinates are Belfort Road and AC Skinner Parkway. 7th AF TACC will begin close air support at 0700 HRS Local. NOTAM confirms Jacksonville airspace is closed to all air traffic until further notice. Contact Cricket on 272.9 for ingress/egress info.  

Actually, it was CBS Morning Report.

Here’s last night’s initial report.

On the advice of my attorney (this time), I know nuffink.

The WWP’s response:

Click to access wwp_-_letter_to_cbs_-_1-27-16.pdf

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  1. WGM says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the Charlie Bravo Sierra segment this morning. The truth always comes out. Sometimes it takes awhile to be revealed. But the truth will be revealed eventually.

    Unfortunately the truth revealers will punished. The bad guy in this segment has a long history of retaliation against those who reveal the truth.

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