In keeping with the terms of my consent decree with Wounded Warriors Project regarding the posts I put up that I have received from you readers as well as my own, I hereby publish the following:

The content that I, Gordon Alex Graham, authored and published in my own name and under the handle ASKNOD.COM [sic] regarding Wounded Warrior Project, Inc. and its programs, services, financial information, supporters, donors, business relationships, and business conduct is not substantiated by any factual information, and is false, misleading, and defamatory.  I retract all such statements, including statements that Wounded Warrior Project is a legal scam and/or a fraudulent organization.  The truth is that Wounded Warrior Project provides lifesaving services to warriors.  It is accredited by the Veteran’s Administration to provide benefits assistance to veterans, and it does not receive government funds.  The salary of its CEO – which is voted on by WWP’s independent, all-volunteer Board of Directors – is well within the range of salaries paid to similarly-sized nonprofit executives.  I apologize to Wounded Warrior Project and acknowledge the publication of false, misleading, and defamatory content regarding Wounded Warrior Project was disrespectful and inappropriate.  Furthermore, I apologize for the loss of donations I caused and continue to cause Wounded Warrior Project because of my publication of false, misleading, and defamatory statements.  I am ashamed that, because of my actions, injured veterans may have chosen not to avail themselves of Wounded Warrior Project’s programs and services.

To view the consent decree, please visit WWP’s Fraud Alert Page here and scroll down to Smear Campaign –Alex Graham:

The consent decree is attached at the bottom of the post or go to it directly here:

Click to access graham_order_consent_judgment_060115.pdf

The original article in the News Tribune (Tacoma, WA) February 9th, 2015:

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  1. Jack Stermer says:


  2. SPrice says:

    Looks like justice has been served. CBS did a great story on WWP.

    “Wounded Warrior Project Accused of Wasting Donation Money”

  3. So, what monies did they use to sue you? Monies meant to help veterans?

    • asknod says:

      As I have no access to their financial records, I can only opine that if all monies received by any charitable Veterans organization are donations for needy Veterans, then the legal funding for lawsuits against private individuals must, by default, be subtracted from the same fund. This is pure conjecture on my part as I have no concrete proof that this is the case.

  4. asknod says:

    I ask all of you to be considerate of me, WWP and this comments section. Although I do not control the content of comments, I ask that they remain polite, factual and free of personal feelings. WWP is free to run their charity as they see fit. No one is being coerced to donate to them-or any charity for that matter. I have made an error that I have corrected. Suffice it to say, I have admitted the error and apologized. Personal opinions should be reserved for private conversations as I do not relish the idea of attempting to censor comments.

  5. Kel says:

    Sorry that the truth has to be masked in legal BS.

    WWP simply doesn’t provide anything that VA doesn’t… Except pad the pockets of their executives.

  6. Karen S. says:

    OK. now WWP can step up and help Vietnam Vets.

  7. SPrice says:

    Yeah, right, and I’m the Queen of Insulin Resistance.

    The forums are talking about it. So far all the comments are in your favor. You’ve never been loved this much before! Turned out to be a great way to increase traffic. Now if you just add the link to our petition at the bottom we’ll be in business and we can thank WWP

  8. Ok, we heard from Alex, now lets hear from WWP:
    According to this site:
    the WWP head honcho makes $471,000 per year, with the top 10 WWP employees earning a combined 2.6 million. If this is false, WWP, please inform us how much you do make. And please tell us “what percent” of total donations wind up going to Veterans. I would like to know the answers to these questions.

  9. Kiedove says:

    Folks, we have to move on and hold our tongues in this matter difficult as that may be.

  10. hepper74 says:

    No comment

  11. US Marshall says:

    crap i say

  12. Jack Stermer says:

    To paraphrase Shakespeare: Me Thinks Thou Retract Too Much.

  13. John King says:

    This is the way large and wealthy corporations bully the little guy. They can tie you up for years and cost you everything defending a lawsuit like this. So much for freedom of speech. It is all an outrage.

  14. cdneh says:


  15. Jerry says:

    Your retraction seems strange, is everything all right?

  16. mark says:

    Wow, I have Known you for what 8Years, and that sure sounds like somebody has a Gun to your Head, I have never known you to fall on your Own Sword before, All I can say is They make way to much money, and I know Vets that They will not Help, We do not follow in there War, so Viet Nam vets are out of Luck or Cold War Vets, Out Of Luck, Plus should not the VA be taking care of there Vets? Why do we even need WWP??? What about VAWWP, It took me 20 Years to win my case and if not for You I would Still Be Homeless, So Alex God Sees Everything, Just Keep doing What you are doing, How many Vets have YOU Helped and not made a dollar, Hell they should give you a medal, for above and Beyond Duty. Hang in there Bro, Carma is a Bitch.

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