Capture22Here’s some pretty raw, unfiltered footage, certainly not on a par with the Daesh beheadings on AlGazebo TV. Nevertheless, it conveys to me why we’ll always have the greatest, best-trained professionals. It felt like this somewhat in Southeast Asia. We had air superiority over our enemies but could never control the land. Here, they are stuck in small firebases again and control only what they can scope.  It’s not for the squeamish, but then combat never was. Cupcake says the sniper could easily be a Hollywood star. All I see is an awesome PTSD claim in the making with a side of low-grade TBI. 

Shot! Boom. Good bye. Illegal down. Reminds me of watermelons and a .44 mag w/ 240 gr. open nose lead at ten yds. 8.9 gr. of Accurate #2. Smokin’. I guess we could file this one in the State Department Human Resources Office under “Workplace Violence”. Remember those troops deployed, folks. Nobody wants to be the last name carved into that Iraqistan native granite memorial when they find a place to build it on the DC Mall in 2040. Welcome every one of them home this time.


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  1. dknees4 says:


  2. Longfellow Rogoczy says:

    I liked how the shooter uses his left eye to sight in target.
    I’m right handed and my left eye is the strong one due to severe Astigmatism on my right eye. He made me feel better for how I use my rifle. I don’t feel so out of place now knowing there is someone else out in the world who sights his target the same way.

  3. asknod says:

    Paul calls to say it must have been a Marine. Well, duh.

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