Night Flares over Cork & Radar Hill

4 deuce night flares over LZ Cork and Radar Hill January 1969. Courtesy of Steve Alexander ( 105 mm Artillery up top on Cork)

LZ Corkgram– Hot news from the Key Peninsula is Butch Long got his Big Brown Envelope from VA today. I’ll be going down to his place tomorrow morning for coffee and champagne. He asked me to come down and decipher it on account of his hands are shaking too bad. Expect transmission before 1200Hrs Local and will call smoke.  “Hot damn, Hot Damn!” as they say down in Georgia. Talk about an early Christmas Present. 

Forty six years, eleven months and three days. That’s almost some kind of speed record for VA. I may have to write Call me Bob a thank you note.

On behalf of myself and Kiedove, I’d like to wish all of you a warm and happy season’s greetings regardless of your VA beliefs. We are a tight-knit family of survivors and celebrate our seventh year in this calling. Where would we be without you? Our prayers go out to Hadit Elder Carlie Croft who passed recently. She was a guiding light in this business and led many souls to a VA claims grant. I only hope I measure up to her high standards before I punch out.

Capture 3

Carlie Croft

Unofficially, we are well over 400 wins with the advice provided here but that, of course , is merely rumors and propaganda. Not everyone comes back to tell us about their success. But then, that’s not why we began this. Theresa Aldritch, the founder of Hadit.com said it most succinctly- Leave none of your wounded or injured brother and sister Veterans behind-ever.

We represent 3% of America-its finest in my mind. The commitment must be made in youth and you can never go back for a do over. Merry Christmas and welcome home to Butch. We’ve been waiting for him a long, long time. Butch


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  1. fo says:

    About time. Alex I will give you a call next week. Bob

  2. Kiedove says:

    Good news!

  3. cdneh says:


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