jetgun ejection 1ccThanks to Nurse Silvia Price, we now have the document that categorically sealed the future fate of the jetguns. Oddly, it still took a while longer to pry the jetguns from the cold dead hands of the US Military who insisted they were sterile under all conditions.

Those of you who are preparing to do battle with the VA would be advised to include this in the evidence submitted. VA insists that it was plausible. The wealth of the information we are finding indicates it was far more probable than plausible. In fact, we’ve gone to war over less “plausible” explanations.

4.2.2. Bovine immuno-assay testing

The Public Health Laboratory Service, UK, reported preliminary results from tests carried out during 1997 on the MEDEJET injector with the same nozzle as that implicated in the California outbreak. In this series of tests 200 injections were conducted on calves, each injection being followed by a series of shots into test tubes. Both the ejectate and the swabbed deposits on the injector head were collected separately. All samples were analysed using a bovine albumin immuno-assay developed for the study. 


The results, which are to be published, showed systematic contamination of the ejectate, persisting after the first flushing shot. Moreover, the levels of contamination were consistently higher than those which could be explained by the contamination of the nozzle by contact with the calf skin during the injection. A hypothesis was therefore advanced, that the path of contamination may have been reflux within the jet stream. This could possibly have occurred at the end of the shot when the liquid pressure at the nozzle of the injector dies to a level lower than that of the liquid column within the skin and subcutaneous tissue of the animal. 

Here’s the document. Download it and print it for submission in your claims. Don’t forget the other evidence you will find under Nexus Information in Blogs by Subject. The tide is turning in VA jetgun claims. That much is evident. Having the proper ammo to win with is as simple as submitting it along with a good nexus letter.




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  1. woodguy11 says:

    I would like to add a few words ….When I was to leave country we all had to take a pee test for Heroin. The positives went home and the negatives stayed for 2 weeks to De-Tox. Now somewhere out there there is a list of names for the guys who tested positive. Couldn’t the BVA use this list for evidence ? Or maybe we could use it. I just do not know where to look for this evidence.

    • SPrice says:

      I remember seeing numbers at HCVets. Something to do with a program where you could turn each other in and whoever was on drugs got a quickie detox before going home. I remember thinking that the numbers were low and didn’t match the number of the now infected with hep c.

    • asknod says:

      Operation Golden Flow began in 1968 to combat the large number of heroin addicts returning home from RVN. It expanded to all countries (Okinawa, Philippines and Thailand) in 1970. The trick I saw at first was you put on someone else’s fatigue shirt and took his test. Then they checked ID. Then they actually stood beside you to make sure the piss came from you, personally. We also had to get a clean sheet for clap and had a PCOD a month before DEROS. Look in VA dictionary for PCOD.

      • woodguy11 says:

        I hear ya…When I checked out of hotel California we had to piss and some of the guys stayed for an extended tour. When most of the guys in my co. had sex w/the prostitute I would say half of them 5 got the clap. I got lucky and no yellow shorts for this vet

    • SPrice says:

      Heroin can be smoked, not everyone injects it.

  2. Clear Left says:

    As always great news is always welcomed. Unfortunately there are way to many that closed out their flight plan before receiving their Just Due. Is it possible the “Eagle” or some other qualified law dog/s will file a Nehmer for the loved ones who were bit by the ‘GUN”?

    • SPrice says:

      I’m sorry it took me so long to find everything. I started researching jet guns in 2006 after I got in an argument with my mentor because he said Veterans wanted to make it look like hepatitis c was easy to get so they could get benefits.

      I took me nine years. At first I used to bring back studies they already had. But I got better as I went. It also helped that I have a background in Clinical Research and that I don’t give up easily. I never considered giving up.

      I plan to send a note to my mentor to tell him I was right….ha!

  3. SPrice says:

    You should have included the picture I gave you of the CDC guy injecting the calf. You know the one with the jetgun missing the filter at the end of the needle hub.

    It would have made my day.

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