haditlogo2007Jerrel has graciously invited me over for another hour of radio chat on his favorite subject (and mine). If VA ever quit stepping on their necktie, we’d be out of subjects to discuss. Unfortunately, that’s about as likely as pigs with a FAA ticket. While I have little endemic knowledge of Social Security issues, I do have a wealth of observing what happens around the VA if you don’t have those SSI records on board in many of the claims we file.

Microphones are cleared in hot in one Hour   (1600 HRS L Seattle)

Park your ear over at Hadit’s Blog Talk Radio number and refuel your brain tomorrow again. Given an hour, there’s no telling what kind of trouble we can get into.

The call in number remains…


I’m sure they haven’t fired the gal who greets us. Dial one (the digit) when you get there. Never feel you’re interrupting us when we’re flapping our lips. We welcome your questions-even if we can’t answer them.

If posssible, I’d like to discuss the SSI type of thing that occurs more frequently than you can imagine.

We in the business like to call it a “Cushman violation” named after one of our own, Phil Cushman, who caught them at it…while he was alive. I, too, have one of these stories to tell of one in West LA.

And for your Tuesday morning humor, Law Bob Squarepant’s choice cuts out of Africa

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unnamed (5)unnamed (6)

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  1. Longfellow Rogoczy says:

    For the undergarment posting. I imagine they must have been handed seemingly undesirable paper fiat retrieved from dark crevices that had unbearable lingering smell all day in the cash register drawer.

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