64f1d24df6794feed4d5bd23d3f35833Just got this in from a salty dog in response to my erroneous remark about the Navy being possession of Huey Gunships in the Vietnam War. I apologize. To be truthful, I was being facetious because I never so much caught a whiff of saltwater in my two years over there. I would have no reason to believe they would possess them and the version I saw on the deck of the Midway was the oldest one I’d ever set eyes on.

It figures the Army would “donate” them to the Navy after they were no longer air worthy. Every tail number of the A/C I ever flew up north, with the exception of the AirAm  aircraft, was prefaced with an “O” on the tail number indicating obsolete.

Great article. Thank you Fred for setting it straight.

Huey gunship

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