th (1)Nurse Sylvia gave me the gun but Mark got it operational. It took us several hours of painstaking disassembly and  reassembly. Finally we did what all men never do. We read the instructions. Shazammm! A working jetgun. The more we played with it, the more we discovered the thing could never be made sanitary under even the best circumstances. When used in the context of 600 or more souls an hour as advertised, it becomes even more ludicrous to think it  could ever have been sanitary with that philosophy. Someone in a position of power had to have ignored common sense to authorize the use of this device.

Problem #1

Dragging this baby in for a Travel Board hearing or even a video conference at the Regional Office would be the cat’s pajamas. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So we took a few. The first is one I’d like all of you to take a gander at. The portal to insert the vial has to have an air equalizer system or a vacuum would soon develop inside it from repeated doses. This explains why you see most medical personnel insert a syringe needle into a vaccine vial and squirt air into it to “equalize” what they are preparing to take out. If they didn’t, a dangerous imbalance would eventually exist and the rubber diaphragm would begin to suck in outside air. Imagine this jetgun “air equalizer” sucking in uncontrolled air in an unsterile medical environment 600 times (or more) an hour. The possibility of any airborne virus being “inhaled ” by the portal is exponential. This, in turn would pollute the whole vial of vaccine.

Jetgun air equalizer

Notice the unprotected Luer-style tip behind the vial



Problem #2

integral foot pedal inside caseThe foot pedal to operate these puppies is mounted inside the storage/travel case in the lower right quadrant-permanently. If you step in dog poo on the way to work in the morning, it will adhere to your shoe.  If you pump the gun up with your shoe for every shot, you have now contaminated the case with excrement 600 (or more) times per hour. Imagine getting blood on the shoe as well. It is captive inside the case… along with the unprotected jetgun. Remember, there is no “cover” for the needle that inserts into the vaccine vial. When closed, the jetgun et al is mere inches away from the foot pedal. In addition, if carried by the handle, the foot pedal is now above the jetgun and the potential for poo/blood to fall/drip on the unprotected vial needle is incalculable. Considering a drop of blood with HCV in it can exist up to three (3) months at room temperature and you have a problem saying it’s “plausible”.


If the victim you are blasting with the jetgun flinches and jerks, the gun tip will fillet the skin and be contaminated with his/her blood. All the alcohol swabs  in the world will not restore the sterility to the tip. It has to be disassembled and autoclaved at 249° (F.) for 15 to 20 minutes . Somehow, I disremember them doing that at Lackland AFB when I went through the line three times in succeeding weeks.

disassembly for autoclave

When in doubt, read the disassembly instructions

jetgun (assembled)

jetgun (assembled)

autoclave parts

jetgun autoclave parts (nose and vial assembly)

diassembled for cleaning

nose removed from gun for cleaning

Mark and I had the devil’s own time figuring out what was wrong with the gun. Try 40 years of inaction. The reservoir for hydraulic fluid was empty in the foot pedal. The o-rings were drier than the NASA Challenger’s. and the nose orifice was plugged-probably with 40 year old blood.

Mark with jetgun

Mark with jetgun

jetgun ejection 1cc

Jetgun ejection set up for 1cc

closeup of vaccine stream

close up of vaccine stream

Well, there you have the particulars. I suspect it is much more than plausible that the jetgun was capable of cross-contamination by any of the above even if no one had flinched and bled. The pathways for transmitting HCV from one to the next via this device are so blatant and obvious, we have to wonder why it took the CDC until 1997 to blow an ass gasket and finally suggest it was an ill-conceived medical brain fart.

Thank your lucky stars Nurse Sylvia rescued these three we have because I suspect VA will be out buying up any more they can find on the open market and misplacing them in the Potomac late at night. This bodes well for HCV claims presentations. Merely being able to see and handle one will put paid to the 2004 FAST letter’s myth that it was a shaky, plausible, far-fetched concoction of ‘what-if’s like the perfect storm. Nothing about this device screams sterile. Quite the opposite.

Next week, we get the hot dogs and FD&C #2 red food coloring. This will be interesting.

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  1. SPrice says:

    I would just like to add, just in case some smarty pants from the VA says the results can’t be trusted because things were changed or the guys played with the gun too much or added different oil or whatever. Remember, I’m a nurse and I know the rules. I got 3 guns and 1 of them will remain immaculate, so I don’t want to hear it. This is my subject and I’ve had years to think about it.

    Now let’s enjoy the show.

    • asknod says:

      Mark replaced the hydraulic oil with the same recommended dot 3 fluid used in 1970. You think we’d violate the protocol of the chain of evidence? The tip was plugged up. We followed the manual’s procedure to clear it. The spare tip was clear and works as well. All the o rings were relubricated and the cylinders checked for residue. This was a straight up, top flight job. Any medical specialist familiar with the gun could autoclave it for the required time and feel comfortable inoculating anyone who walked in off the street followed by himself. The gun mechanism is not a sterile device. Just the “nostril” that holds the vaccine, the inter connected tubing and the “nostril” of the jetgun.

      • SPrice says:

        They’ll probably complain because you didn’t stick the piece of unsterile wire (included in the spare parts kit) in the tip to unplug it like the manual says haha.

        We have two sets of spare parts. I’ll split one with you so your audience will get the full effect. The Luer-style tip behind the vial is supposed to have a plastic piece attached to it. The manual recommended sticking a piece of unsterile cotton in it to create a “filter”.

        Love the stream pictures. I do believe those are the first of their kind.

    • woodguy11 says:

      Why isn’t the manufacturer of this gun implicated in a law suit?

      • SPrice says:

        Because as soon as the VA said they got contaminated and took them out of commission, the manufacturer destroyed all the jetguns to avoid being sued. That’s why it’s so difficult to find any..

        • Joris Hines says:

          I have a copy of a military publication called “Bivouac”, and it has an article in it describing how the manufacturer of the air jet injectors recalled all of them from all military bases back in 1989, I think (not sure of the date). It’s buried in my paperwork somewhere. To me it’s a clear confession of liability. It only mentions Hepatitis B, but both are transmitted by blood, so it’s solid ammunition for anyone fighting this crazy legal battle, I would think. They said they recalled them all, and were replacing them with a safer design that isn’t pressed against the skin.

        • woodguy11 says:

          just asking but I think I read somewhere that hep-c can cause hep-a ? your thoughts

          • SPrice says:

            No, it can’t. They are totally different viruses. Hepatitis A is transmitted by contaminated food. Let’s say that a cook at a diner has Hep A and he goes to the bathroom and when he wipes he gets stool on his hands and doesn’t wash his hands. Then he cooks food with his dirty hands. if you then eat that food you’ll get hepatitis A. So it’s anal oral transmission.

            You can get pretty sick and turn yellow but the infection last only a few weeks and you become immune to it. So you can never catch hep A again. A test for hep a shows whether you’re immune to it. so if the test says positive it’s not because you have it, it means you’re immune to it.

            Hepatitis c, on the other hand, is transmitted by contaminated blood, not stool and only if the contaminated blood somehow gets into your blood. A positive Hep C test shows that you have antibodies so at some point in your life you were exposed to hep c. Then you need a viral load test to confirm you have it.

            If you have hepatitis C and you catch hepatitis A, you can be pretty sick, that’s why they recommend getting the vaccine for hep A and not eating raw sea food.

            i once took cre of a female patient whose husband told her he’d gotten Hepatitis A and then it turned into Hep B and then Hep c. It made sense to her that it would go A, B, C.. I had to tell her it wasn’t true.

            Let me know if you have other questions.

            • woodguy11 says:

              I am currently hep-c free….pepsi free.. and have a claim in for this.I have been reading the hep-c decisions and most judges are denying claims this year because we have not gone in or seen a dr about it.As you know the there are no symptoms until cirrhosis . That’s when I went in for a check up. How can we prove we got it in service ? These judges are denyinig because of this.Nothing in our records indicate we have the virus. I got it from the jet air guns because the incubation period is 2-6 weeks and 30% of got flu like symptoms. I was in hosp. at boot camp for this for 2 days. I have already had a transplant because I waited too long . Anyway , was just wondering how to prove it. I had no symptoms for 40 years and that’s how they are denying this. Thanx for your time I really appreciate it. I am cured by the way and that is a miracle in it’s self. thanks again ray

              • asknod says:

                You had a liver biopsy somewhere along the line. That definitively tells you (and your doctor) when you were infected based on the advanced state of the liver damage. A liver biopsy is the ticket to a win every time. We have a doctor (Ben Cecil) who will write a letter saying when you got it and that it’s service connected. That’s what this site is all about, Wood guy. You just get your service medical records and we’ll show you how to win. We’ve done it over 500 times for other Vets.

                • woodguy11 says:

                  yes I have a liver biopsy but it has no timeline …. just shows scarring …I have the Dr.’s report here but it just says hep-c and scarring. Dr Cecil ok

                  • SPrice says:

                    I agree, the biopsy is your best piece of evidence. Also your medical recolrds that say you were in hospital during boot camp.

                    You can also prove that getting gamma globulin injections caused the hepatitis C not to have symptoms.

                    Look, in this study it says that getting gamma globulin injections caused people not to have symptoms at a ratio of 12 to 1. Twelve had no symptoms, one did. So basically, this study proves that the gamma globulin hid the symptoms of Hep c and that’s why there is nothing about it on your records.

                    The study says….

                    ‘Under the conditions of this trial clinically inapparent hepatitis occurred in spite of gamma globulin. The ratio of subclinical anicteric hepatitis to overt jaundice was 12:1.’


                    • woodguy11 says:

                      Thank You SPrice….hopefully this will be resolved soon….but the VA is as you know not forthcoming. Only now I can wait as long as it takes them. Thanks for caring for all of us

            • asknod says:

              A biopsy tells you much. If using the Metavir scale, each stage is equal to 10 years or so. If you go 40 years, You’re at stage 4 and incipient cirrhosis. That’s when most get a liver txplant. I’m right on the cusp of Stage 4 but began to take care of myself in about 1998. I got the txment with Sovaldi in the nick of time. Count back 40 years from when you got your txplant it will be about the time you were in service if it’s connected.

              • woodguy11 says:

                Yes it has been 40 years to cirossis . Also the incubation period is 10 – 160 days and there are flu like symptoms. With this evidence sent to janesville a guy can win his claim? I also have a biopsy from pre transplant that I will send in ….cured forever and you? thanx again for your support Ray

                • asknod says:

                  Ray, you absolutely have to have a nexus letter from a doctor to win this. That is the whole point of this blog-to teach you the three requirements
                  1) disease in service (or risk)
                  2) disease now
                  3) Nexus letter connecting the two
                  Please use the Tips and tricks section below on the right-hand side under Blogs by subject. Also look under Nexus Information. I built this site for Veterans to win. You have to learn by reading. Then you win. Everyone who followed my recipe has won so far. Some took five years. Some took 16 months. It depends on how you do it. If you arrive after you lose, it may take longer to fix it. Also look up the Jetgun claims evidence and Jetgun BVA decisions to gain some knowledge.

                  • woodguy11 says:

                    thank you again….my evidence is med record of being in hospital ft ord after injections for 3 days. incubation period for hep-c is 10 t0 160 days with flu like symptoms. Arm injury medevaced to hospital ship and had arm operated on . there was blood to blood contamination. and sex with prostitute with 15 guys and gonnereah was 2 to 1 got it. my C-file went to lawbob squarepants my lawyer. They told me they would do the nexus as they have dr’s on staff . Should I get another nexus ?

                  • SPrice says:

                    I think you should introduce me to Squarepants. Although I think the cartoon is stupid but I won’t say that.

            • woodguy11 says:

              sprice…..me again ray…..so I can submit the gamma gobulin article from the JAMA as evidence? Should I write a letter with it describing your article. No names just summerize what I read in in your thread?

              • SPrice says:

                No, you don’t need to do that if you have medical records saying that you were in the hospital with flu like symptoms and the visit to the hospital falls within the incubation period.

                The gamma globulin info is for people who had no symptoms after getting the shots so there is nothing on their medical records about it.

                Glad you asked

    • Stephen Canas says:

      Maybe this is a bit late in the words but would you be interested in selling it? I have $$$ if you’re interested in selling a working model injection gun.

  2. Joris Hines says:

    I contracted my Hep C the same way, from air jet injectors in Basic Training (Lackland AFB – Apr 1975). I’ve been in a legal battle with the V.A. since Feb 2007, and on rations every month since. They have this weird thing that if you weren’t in Vietnam, you don’t count, yet they infected me in Basic. I served with honor, and when I was getting out, the Squadron Commander asked me to stay in because of my outstanding work reviews and recommendations from my First Sergeant and Master Sergeant. I drove a K-Loader and loaded/offloaded cargo planes. Anyway, if anyone has any ammo I can use, and share with my attorney, it sure would be highly appreciated. I’m sharing this page with my lawyer. Thanks man.

    • asknod says:

      Please do share it with him. That’s how this site began–with HCVets who were dying from it. We know how to win. All the information is here to the right. Scroll down to jetgun claims evidence. The jetgun info and pictures is the icing on the cake.

      • Joris Hines says:

        I had my Basic Training yearbook (like a high school yearbook, but for Air Force basic training graduates) with a photo of the lineup of airmen getting shots using the air jet injectors. I brought a copy of Bivoac magazine, a publication for veterans, that had an article claiming the air jet injectors were all recalled from all bases, and replaced with safer designs that don’t make contact with the skin, I brought my shot record that showed which diseases I was inoculated for (but they didn’t mention mode of administration, not a word about air jet injectors). brought them to the V.A. office in Melbourne, FL and the guy tells me, “Prove it.” I checked a few months later and he had been fired. But that’s the kind of BS I’ve been facing. My attorney (Kathleen Smith in Titusville, FL) has all my things in my file. I’m trying to push her a little more since it’s been 8 1/2 years now, and they just ignore me completely (the V.A.), and she gave upon trying to take on any more veteran cases. She hasn’t given up on mine, but she also hasn’t pushed very hard. I’m not getting any better, and was diagnosed with cirrhosis, so time is wasting. I’m desperate. Thankfully I received my retirement from Kennedy Space Center and took the lump sum and bought a boat, so I’m not homeless, but still struggling. Thanks for the tip asknod.

        • asknod says:

          You do not need to prove you were injected with jet guns. Layno v. Brown (1994) says you are competent to report on what comes to you by your five senses-ergo you saw a jetgun and identified it as the mode of transmission for your inoculations. We have it all here, sir. Yours for the taking. You just need the nexus letter from a gastro doc and the STRs to show him. Your cirrhosis also indicates stage 4 on the Metavir scale (or about 40+ years of infection. That coincides with your time in service. If your genotype is 1A, it was the jetgun.

          • Joris Hines says:

            Thanks very much. I just left a voicemail message for my attorney. Going to contact her in the morning to follow up. I really hope this helps. I’m feeling like I’m dying. My urine now has become very dark, even though I’ve done everything in my power to eat healthy and cut out everything that I suspected was not healthy. God bless you for your help. I’ll check back in when things progress.

            • Joris Hines says:

              One last question (before I leave)… do you know of any non-combat veterans who have successfully won their case? So far that’s the wall I’ve run into all the way, as if they didn’t hear me say I got it in Basic. They act as though I’m unworthy of their attention to my case. Like they’re just hoping I’ll drop dead or give up. I can’t give up. They’re wrong, and they know it. The odd thing is they stamped my VA card with the words “Service Connected”, yet they deny I am. I was awarded disability by the VA and received $888 a month and had to fight 5 years to get social security. I was so happy when I had both because I could finally afford to get my teeth fixed. Then they cut my pension off in February 2007 and said I was supposed to let them know when I got social security. They give you a mountain of paperwork, and after fighting for 5 years, losing my home and 90% or all I owned, becoming homeless, when I won my case I was just looking at the words that said I was approved, and how much I’d get monthly. They said I had to pay them back $32,000! They started taking $220 a month from my social security, and after paying it down for 6 months, they sent a letter saying the amount I owed was $42,000! It had miraculously jumped ten thousand dollars over the 6 m0onths I was paying it down! I was so upset I tossed the letter aside and forced myself not to stress over it. I figured I’d have won my case before too long, but now I’m thinking they’re just stone walling me. Sorry I’m so long winded. This has worn me out. Thanks again for your help, it really means a lot to me.

        • SPrice says:

          Next time someone tells you to prove it, contact me and I’ll do it. What they have done to you is absolutely disgraceful and it makes me angry and I’m at my best when I’m angry. I would be happy to share some of the info I have with your lawyer. I can be reached here, my page is public https://www.facebook.com/silvia.price3

        • woodguy11 says:

          Do you have a gastro doc? If so you need to get listed for a transplant .He will refer you and then you need to get a meld score . The higher the score the faster you get in front of the line.Kids go first of course. Good luck I have had a transplant so if you need any info reach me steelers699@gmail.com I hope things work out Ray

          • woodguy11 says:

            If you have ascites and your ankles are swollen go see a gastro doc

            • Joris Hines says:

              I don’t think I have ascites. My ankles aren’t swollen, either. I’ve been doing everything I can think of to improve my overall health. Eating organic since GMO’s became a thing to be concerned about. I take supplements and drink teas made from herbs like Chanca Piedra (“Stone Breaker”) to try to eliminate my galls stones. That’s another thing, they said I had a lot of gall stones, which explained an excruciating pain I was getting. I thought they were planning to remove my gall bladder, but after 2 trips to Tampa VA hospital, they said they don’t remove gall bladders anymore. I couldn’t help but think, sure, it goes along with all the other ways I’ve been treated, like they want me dead. Stands to reason. One thing I’d like to mention is, they told me I had to be on Metformin and Levothyroxin for the rest of my life (for my diabetes and hypothyroidism). Well, I got to where I stopped trusting them at all, seeing them as legal drug pushers, so one day I got so fed up I quit my meds altogether. I switched to organic diet, drink only spring water, just made major changes to everything. I told my doctor and he got visibly angry. Since then I faked taking metformin again, but only once, to calm him down. I noticed since then they never call or make appointments for me, and pretty much divorced themselves from me. I also refused antidepressants because of all the horror stories I’ve read in my research. The shrink insisted every time I went to see her. I said no thank you over and over again. She then tried to get me on anti-psychotics! I swear, they’re insane. I told her not no, but hell no. She once asked me if I’d ever heard voices, so I truthfully told her, yes, one, and it saved a baby’s life. I was referring to an incident that happened once where a girl ran into a store yelling, “Call 911! My baby stopped breathing!” and she came right up to me and asked, “Can you do anything?” Surprised, I exclaimed, “Jesus, what can I do?” Right then I heard a calm man’s voice kind of right inside my guts say, “Take the ice.” I didn’t know what ice it was referring to, so I slowly turned looking for ice, and there was a beer cylinder right behind me full of large chunks of ice. I took a big piece in my hands and rubbed it in my hands, and asked, “Now what?” The same voice said, “Touch the baby.” I looked and his T-shirt was lifted and I could see his lower back, so I reached out and touched him gently above the diaper line on his bare back. Instantly the girls exclaimed, “Oh, it’s okay, he’s breathing!” A crowd had gathered all around us and now were dispersing, and the girl went away with her baby, leaving me flabbergasted at what had just happened. I remember my mouth hanging wide open in wonder. I think it was the Lord instructing me to save that baby. Anyway, I told her, and you wouldn’t believe her response. She said she was going to have to have me Baker Acted! I said, bitch, you try and your entire office will be wrecked. She threatened to bring in the sherriffs deputies and I said go ahead, I’ll take two of them out before they take me down. She finally calmed down and so did I when she said she wouldn’t. But that’s typically the kind of bullshit I’ve had to deal with from these assholes. I’ll stop now because I know I can be long winded. Sorry.

              • woodguy11 says:

                Joris ….I feel your pain but I.m not a Doc so I can’t tell you what will work or what will not work I can only tell you of my experience….I didn’t use the VA for my hep-c I used private because the VA is not the sharpest tool in the tool shed.I got on medicare with a supplement Medicaid will help if your earnings are in the toilet. I went to a private Gastro and he refered me to University that did transplants. I got admitted because I was 4th stage cirrossis. They make you go through lots of programs before putting you on their list for transplant. Your meld score (which determines what stage your disease is at) needs to be high enough for listing. If you are taking riba harvoni you can get on SS disability which is medicare. Once you have medicare or Medicaid you can get to a private doc. Get your drugs via VA , If you are doing organic milk thistle will help heal you and beets .There are numerous veggies that have healing properties for your liver. Stay organic and stay positive. Things always seem to work themselves out. Need some help I will be here It’s scary I know but be patient. Like I said , the VA is there for you but If I could I would seek a private Doc. Best Regards Ray

                • Joris Hines says:

                  I’m basically living on Social Security disability, and have Medicare, although I never read the book they sent, or understand it much. I’ve only used it maybe 3 times, and only in the emergency room at the nearest hospital. So many weird things about the V.A. I’ve run into, like when I started after being diagnosed in 2001, I never even knew I could get free medical aid from the V.A., as they never announced it. It was the father of a friend who showed me his card and insisted that I go there and register. That was in Viera, Florida. When I lost my home and was homeless, and went to north Florida, I had to register at the V.A. hospital in Lake City. They had no internet link to Viera. In fact, the V.A. business office is in Tampa, and none of them are linked, so nobody knows what records are in existence from one office to the other. The V.A. hospital in Lake City covered Chiropractic, which I desperately need. The V.A. clinic in Viera doesn’t cover it. Yet these two medical facilities are in the same freakin’ state! When I finally sold my mom’s house,I was able to relocate back to a cheap trailer in Titusville, near my family. I just assumed that Tampa business office of the VA would have known. They didn’t, they thought I was still in Madison,FL at my mom’s! They sent a letter to the Madison address, which was never forwarded to my new address, so I never knew they were going to cut off my pension (because I didn’t tell them when I was awarded SS Disability). I have a lot of difficulty reading long, dry, legalese and that’s all you get from government. So when in February of 2007 I didn’t see my V.A. pension in my account, I waited patiently for them to deposit it, thinking they must be inundated with new troops applying for disability, but that was not the case. It’s just so confusing trying to comprehend the complexity of twists and turns of the system, and I think it’s that way on purpose, to get veterans to just give up trying. It’s extremely maddening, at best. I take organic milk thistle, and do all I can to research the most optimal routes to improved health. I see I’m making this another long winded writing, so I’ll stop. Thanks very much for your help. Had a hell of a rough night last night, sleep disrupted over and over, and restless from pain in my right side. I have to sleep on my right because when I lay on my left side I get acid reflux, on my back I have sleep apnea, and now my right side is in pain, so sleep isn’t as simple as it should be. I do advocate the use of cannabis for medicinal reasons, and it has helped me incredibly with my chronic insomnia, pain, the blues, etc., so I hope nobody here feels judgmental over that. I will try to find a good gastro doc outside the V.A., though. Thanks for the tip, Ray.

              • SPrice says:

                Joris, there is nothing weird about your gut telling you things. I think the VA has created an atmosphere of distrust and when you react, they use it to make you look like you’re nuts. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Remain calm. Don’t give them anything they can use against you.

          • Joris Hines says:

            Ray, I haven’t seen a Gastroenterologist since 2005, when I was found to be “undetectable”. Since then they would test my blood twice a year, but only because I insisted . Now they haven’t tested me in a while. I’d say around 6 to 8 months, and last time they did it was by my request. I was diagnosed in 2001, saw a non-VA gastro doctor, and got the biopsy done which said I was genotype 1a and stage 3, grade 3 inflammation and fibrosis. Now I have cirrhosis (diagnosed last fall). When they diagnosed the cirrhosis, I asked if I could get on a transplant list, and my V.A. doctor said that wouldn’t happen until I was diagnosed with liver cancer, which I found strange since it takes to long to get a liver, IF you live long enough to get one. I’m telling you, I’ve never been treated so poorly. I always just assumed that since I enlisted during the Vietnam era, I’d be treated fairly if something like this happened. I gave it my all and got an honorable discharge,. but what good is any of that when they act like they wish I’d just drop dead? They never write, call, email, nothing. The gastro doc at the V.A. that I did have (Dr Friedman, at the Viera V.A. clinic in Viera, FL)Caused me to lose my house when I was applying for S.S. disability. I fought for 5 years before I got that, but before I got it I lost my house I had raised my son solo in for 13 years, we were separated for the first time in his life, I was homeless, finally moved to north Florida to stay at my mom’s, she died 4 months later and I was all alone in an old civil war redneck town where I was the only longhair, felt alienated as heck, went nuts after almost a year of no human contact and almost blew my brains out, and all for what? Because I enlisted. I’m sorry, I get a little emotional when I play it all back in my head. Sometimes I feel like I’m dying and some days I feel a little better. I’ve tried real hard to stay positive, but I have my bad days where I sleep all day. Just can’t get up out of my boat. God, I just want all this to be settled so I can get new teeth and shave my face for the first time in decades. I can’t date, too embarrassed. Haven’t been with a woman in 8 1/2 years, and she was a gold digger that still owes me $3500 (I’ll never see). Before her it was 13 years since my divorce, no woman. Tired of feeling like I have no worth. I’m a good man, I deserve better than this crap.

            • woodguy11 says:

              Joris I take urisodiol for my stones it’s a bile thinner

            • SPrice says:

              Let me see if I got this straight…
              In 2001, a biopsy showed genotype 1a, Stage 3, Grade 3 Fibrosis.
              In 2005 you saw a gastroenterologist and you were found to be “undetectable” and you now have cirrhosis.

              Something is wrong with this picture. You see, “undetectable’ means there’s no virus. So how can the damage be progressing if you don’t have any virus. That can’t be.

              What they told you about gallbladder surgery not being done anymore is not true. I work at a hospital and I can tell you that people come in all the time to have their gallbladder removed. If you don’t remove it it can burst and that can be very dangerous because the contents of the gallbladder would contaminate your entire abdomen.

              Re: Not taking the Metformin and thyroid medication.

              When I first arrived to the veterans forum to help, one of the veterans said to me, “Let’s get something straight, you don’t lie to me, I don’t lie to you.”.. I said as long as I don’t have to sugar coat it they had a deal.

              I still follow that rule, I’m sure sometimes I say things they don’t want to hear but they know that I don’t lie to them or to you. So here’s what I think…

              if your thyroid is dead or not working, you need thyroid pills usually for the rest of your life. If you don’t believe you need them then ask the doctor to do blood tests to check. The results will tell you whether you need it or not. If you don’t know how to interpret the results and you don’t trust the doctor, ask a nurse (like me).

              Hepatitis C causes insulin resistance and diabetes. Metformin helps both. Metformin actually increases the success of treatment for hep c. Having diabetes increases the risk of cancer. Metformin is anti-cancer. It is also a prebiotic which helps your immune system and decreases the number of hep c virus.

              There is no doubt in my mind that Metformin would be of value to you.

              If you were to ever need a liver transplant, to be considered a good candidate you have to meet certain rules.
              1. You must have someone willing to take care of you after surgery.
              2. You must not be on drugs or smoke. they will do urine tests to check.
              3. You must not be considered non-compliant with your care.

              Not taking the meds your doctor prescribed is considered being non-compliant.

              I say forget about transplant and instead think about doing one of the new treatments to get rid of the hep c. Sometimes it’s not “Survival of the fittest”, it’s survival of the wisest.

              • Joris Hines says:

                Thanks for the reply. I just called the V.A. clinic and scheduled an appointment for this Thursday at 3pm. Odd that I could get in that quick, usually takes at least a month or two. So, as to the cirrhosis, I felt that way, too, like how could it get to this when they said I was undetectable in 2005? So much of this kind of thing confuses me, and living alone I had a lot of time to ponder these things. My conclusion was that they want to keep me swimming in confusion, they may even have lied to me about things like being undetectable. I really don’t know since I can only speculate, and that can be very dangerous, but so can trusting a doctor that leaves you in the dark. I’ve done many years of research in a short time, all because I couldn’t sleep and would go online for days without eating much (in the beginning – 2001), researching all HCV articles, and joining a forum (hcvanonymous – whose web site I cannot access now, for some reason). I was one of their top posters for along time, until I was told I was undetectable.

                On Metformin and Levothyroxin, over time I became very leary of the entire medical community, mainly because I saw them all as working for profit, for Big Pharma, and I developed a huge distrust for them all (no offense intended). It seemed as though they were only committed to wealth. It also seemed as though medical doctors were in a box, and they knew nothing about other avenues of healing, and there are many, as you may know. It seems they don’t even want to discuss natural solutions and cures that have been used for centuries in other parts of the world, but never in the standard American “medical” industry. This bothers me very much. So there came a point in my climbing this mountain that I felt like just another guinea pig, and felt that I might be better off pursuing a more natural, less invasive, destructive, and sickening mode of treatment. When the GMO thing became mainstream, I decided they’re all in it together, the medical industries, the food industries, the politicians that support Monsanto’s attack on life forms, and so on.

                Determined to win, I did a total change of direction, thinking I could do the same things they’re doing to me, with less damage, simply by changing to all organic diet, drinking only spring water and herbal teas, taking supplements and monitoring how it changes the way my body feels, and my energy levels. It was a dangerous trek to embark on, but I just didn’t trust the system anymore. Maybe it’s due to the way they stone wall me in my efforts to be compensated for contracting Hep C through the jet guns. I think it’s a combination of it all. I felt better fast, so I determined to win my battle, and save my life this way. But I had horrible days, too. I quit eating meat. I quit eating breads. I quit things one by one to see if my body would respond well or not well, and then kept going like that. I quit dairy, and then started organic dairy. I switched to organic eggs. It’s been uncharted territory for me, but I felt it was necessary.

                I just felt totally let down by the whole V.A. system. I asked my new doctor one day what his personal opinion on cannabis as a healing mechanism, and he looked me in the eye and leaned in, and said, “Mr Hines, if I knew or had any sort of opinion on cannabis, I couldn’t say”, and as he said this, his eyes aimed sharply to his upper right and back at me, over and over, as if to say, “We’re being monitored”, and I assumed there was a hidden camera in the room, behind him to his right. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Cannabis works. In Lake City, they prescribed me a sleep aid because In told them I was losing it due to insomnia, and hadn’t slept in so long I felt dangerous on the roads. Their pill, just one, laid me out for 3 days. I could barely get up to go pee. It was at the same time I began to feel so lost I considered suicide, and one day I went ahead and loaded my Beretta, cocked it, put it in my mouth, and in tears and shaking, said my last prayer. I had a vision of my old friends and I smoking a joint, and laughing and having a relaxing time. I am into God now pretty deep. At the time I translated it as God telling me, “Put the gun down, remember this?” I called an old friend who drove all the way out to me and brought me a joint. I toked and immediately 99% of the stress just melted away, I smiled for the first time in years, and even laughed a little. I slept like a baby for 8 heavenly hours.

                Knowing this as solid fact, it angers me that doctors can’t just be open about it and at least discuss the benefits of cannabis, just because Big Pharma controls them, even their rights to be open and honest about something that works so well, with zero side effects, and all this played into why I am where I am now. If I felt I could at least just trust something about them, then I’d be happy to comply. If big pharma didn’t control them, then absolutely. But they do, and I know it. But you say these things and make me think if I did the right thing.

                Well, I made the appointment and will see my doctor on Thursday, and ask for a full lab workup to see where I stand. I really love life and want to survive all this. I also want to fight to change the bullshit in it all, and help other people fighting this fight. I wish I could go to Washington in October when you go, but I doubt they’d let me speak, and if I did, I’d be so long winded they’d all fall asleep. Plus, I did mention to a letter to GW Bush that if I ever came within striking range I’d kick his ass out the door and down the road… might have said the same thing to McCain. I’m pretty pissed at them both, and Cheney, too. So I doubt I’d be well received there. I’m going to mention the things you told me about the med’s to my doctor and ask why he couldn’t have explained it as well. It makes sense the way you tell it. Thanks very much. Sorry about this “book”, I have a heck of a time keeping it simple.

    • woodguy11 says:

      I do but don’t know how to get it to you.on this site Ray

  3. hepper74 says:

    You are, if nothing else, entertaining and informative. High five from Colorado.

  4. woodguy11 says:

    how can I get this info to my attorney this is great stuff thank you boss can’t get my hepatoligist to nexus me or any dr.

  5. Pingback: HAVE GUN, WILL TRAVEL–jETGUNS | never too late

  6. mark says:


  7. dknees4 says:

    Awesome dissertation on the “medical jet-gun.” My thought at first glance on this article was “Mr. Nod has a new toy to hose down his horses.” On further reading it occurred to me that this is the piece of military equipment you were telling me about during my visit. It has a “mean” look about it and I might add that during the air insertion procedure, if an error is made, a bauble of air could wind up in a soldiers blood stream. We know what will happen when the pocket of air reaches his heart. By the way…I love the red suspenders ……. your uncle would be totally proud..!!!
    Your aging cuz.

  8. cdneh says:

    Thanks for that. I’ve never seen one. Of course, Chase has.

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