CaptureIn keeping with a friendly, nonadversarial venue where the wishes of all are considered, I am officially posting this NOTAM for neighbors and aerial flight operations around Hill 305. 4 July commencing at 2205 HRS (L), heavy artillery and mortar fire will be in effect. Small arms fire, tracer, illumination and H&I fire will be ongoing for approximately ninety (90) minutes. Any neighborhood PTSD sufferers should heavily medicate in advance and don hearing protection to avoid adverse complications. 

I also put up my sign today out front asking my neighbors to be considerate and bring their fireworks over to my place.  Seems we can all enjoy each others’ together and do a Kumbaya thing. Maybe a Block Party or something. BYOB (bring your own booms).

While I was out shopping after a medical appt. this AM, I called Surplus Arms and Ammo in Tacoma after hearing their radio advertisement. I’ve been meaning to buy some 7.62 X39 mm green tracer like they used in my war but the fellow on the phone said he’d never heard of any 7.62 tracer in any color in his time. He must be really young or he doesn’t get out much.  I smell a market for it. Maybe an initial run at one or two million rounds at a buck a pop and donate the 80¢ ea  profit to Fisher House? Hell, put me in for a thou. They could probably gear up a factory in Cam Ranh Bay in about two weeks if they can batch the green phosphorus quickly. The thing I like about tracer (other than you could scare the bejesus out of the gooks at 600 feet of altitude on full auto back in 1970) was you can really get the UFO Druids salivating when you get a group going in formation. With all the racket, nobody can tell where they were launched from- only that they are all alike and suspiciously on the same flight path.

Cupcake now goes to all the gala events up in Silverdale now because her office is located up there. We attended a fundraiser/silent auction/fermented grape tasting last month for the United Kitsap Food Bank. Her real estate co. won the bid (outlandish) for this fireworks display (per my expert advice/astute knowledge of gunpowder). It all went to a good cause so we’re multitasking in my book-Feed the hungry and celebrate our Freedom long and loudly. Check it out. Yep. Sixty  40 mike mikes. I’m gonna get mortar elbow. I wonder if I could file for that. I think I got fibromyalgia of the shoulder from that old Thumper I packed around, too. One thing you can say about Washingtonians is they like their fireworks and Native Americans are more than willing to ensure that right.


They even threw in a warm and fuzzy quiet visual package for Cupcake. Needless to say, the only casualties here are my dogs and my immediate next door neighbor. Fortunately for Widgit and Shadow, there’s Ace Promazine Happy dog pills.


Min Pin Widget and Standard Shadow

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2 Responses to FIRE MISSION–GOLF HOTEL 98335

  1. hepper74 says:

    Sounds like a blast! Hey you started it. Happy 4th to all.

  2. Clear Left says:

    Roger on the gooks bejesus @ 600. Unfortunately some of those bejesus’d thought turnabout was fair play. Nothing like chugging along at 100kts and wondering why the hell green footballs are trying to get in your immediate airspace. Taught me the meaning of SHART early on. Good to be able to laugh at it know though.
    Early but sincere HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA…. and thank you all who provided for this celebration.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Clear Left chief

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