Capture 2Hey Veterans. How about showing some support for the Key Peninsula Veterans Brick drive. All the profits for these babies go to help real Vets with no deductions for Dealer Prep. and handling fees. No fuel surcharges. No VSOs intercepting a “small contribution for the National Organization”. Nada. These are my brothers and sisters on our tiny peninsula. We are rural and many are poor beyond their means.

What’s more, we have no national affiliation with the 59 Big Brothers that dominate the Veterans conversation re donations. Thus every dime percolates to those who need it. We also have Fireworks around the 4th of July if any of you want to drive up here for that. We cannot deliver. USPS is adamant about that.

Attached here is the .pdf and order form to download and print. Show your support for my Vet’s organization if you feel I’ve made any difference in your lives. The money will go to an excellent cause unencumbered. I thank each of you in advance.

Key Peninsula Vet Bricks

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