imagesYou know how men Vets are with their cars, guns and toys. I suppose the most enviable would be a  high-calibre, magnum 4-wheel drive if there were such a fabled tank. For all the rest of us old cowboys, there can be no finer addition to the garage than a 16 ½-hand, 10-year old Thoroughbred freeloader angling for a permanent bunker at LZ Grambo. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Cooper who is a far cry from mini. You need binoculars to see his ears up close.


4-wheel drive/off road 16.5 H Magnum Cooper



Cooper’s claim to fame is he taught kids how to ride for years but his owners can no longer keep him. We built a big barn last fall and there’s one room left. Kona needed a companion to romp around with so the circle is complete. Our Goat Wally was never any substitute for Kona as a pseudohorse. It would be like hanging around the drive-in with your sister trying to pick up chicks or riding a Vespa. Fun? Yes, but you’d never want your horse friends to know you were cruising the pasture with a sawed-off Nubian. You’d be the laughingstock of the barnyard and never live it down.


Even horses close their eyes at the wrong time too.



Two kids, 1 parrot, two dogs, one cat, two horses, one goat, one wife. Good thing I’m not one of those offshoots of the Mormon faith.

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  1. hepper74 says:

    Gotta get those travel plans down pat so I can meet those guys and oh yeah talk to you too.

  2. Kiedove says:

    Beautiful–friends already.

  3. cdneh says:


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