Newsweek_-_logoFunny how many have to die before you get traction in this HCV business. Having a “voice” is often the difference between folks knowing your plight or being clueless. Here’s Newsweek’s take on this “Vets with Hep problem.”

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  1. Gary Butler says:

    I agree with SPrice, I re-read the entire article and hopefully with the issue out in the open more vets will get better treatment sooner. However, unless things have changed it is still near impossible to get this service connected on down the road, or has it become easier for say a Vet with a Purple Heart to come into the VA and get HCV rated especially if he had not been in the system for those 20 years? Maybe my view is clouded from my recent reading our hosts book.

    • asknod says:

      Boy howdy Gary. If you have a combat medal such as a Purple Nurple, we can sure get you SC in a New York minute. That’s a cakewalk. You get the 38 USC 1154(b) combat enhancement such that everything you say about what happened……happened. Extraterrestrial involvement would queer the deal though.

      • Dottie says:

        It still wasn’t a cakewalk. Only because we were after the hep c connection. If you remember we had to hire Ken Carpenter to even get a C and P exam. He even had a nexus from his liver Dr that said it was more likely than not from Combat and jet gun. Agent Orange claim was a breeze compared to the hep c. I’m glad people are getting more wins now . They never made it easy for us.

  2. Kiedove says:

    Good respectful article about another tragic case. How the VA could not inform this patient about his condition for a decade is malpractice.

  3. Gary Butler says:

    Too bad they did not mention how difficult to get service connected late in the game and if not connected no care unless 50% already, true?

    • SPrice says:

      Let me tell you how this story came to be…
      The author emailed us asking for info because he was writing a story for his paper about the new treatments. A few days later he emailed to say thank you but his paper was killing the story and maybe some other time. So there was no more story. But we kept talking. We talked so much I was afraid we’d overwhelm him. So for somebody who didn’t know much about veterans, hep c or the VA when he started, I think he did an amazing job. He got the truth and he put it on Newsweek.

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