sylvia PriceEverything you ever wanted to know about jetguns. How to use them. How to repair them. How to put your foot in the box and pump the foot pedal with blood on the bottom of your shoe. Nurse Sylvia Price sent me the jetgun manual today that will revolutionize our Hep C claims. The manual is now .pdf word searchable. In the “find” window at the top in the center, simply enter the word you are looking for, click on the little arrow to the right and choose “find in next .pdf”. Bingo. Keep on  clicking to see each one. 


Thousands of pictures of jetguns being used on recruits and not  one showing the arm of the recipient being firmly grasped whilst being shot. Remember, legally according to Layno v. Brown (1994), a Veteran is competent to testify about that which comes to him or her via their fives senses. You can testify as to whether the jetgun was immediately taken out of action and sent to the autoclave for sterilization when the recruit two ahead of you jerked violently and started bleeding profusely. If they wiped it off and kept on shooting as we know they did, then the next few recruits were tagged with the blood of the bleeding soldier. I went through that with one in each arm on two different occasions for a total of four jetguns shots. I do not recall anyone in front of me bleeding. That cannot be said for most of us.

darlingshot1aaaaThis manual is useful for all you NOVA lawyers to access to rebut the presumption of regularity of medical practices that the high standards of sanitary inoculations were not followed. Hell, the usage of the gun in thousands of “yearbooks” shows jetguns being used one-handed or at an angle oblique to the skin rather than a perfect 90 degree angle in both vertical and horizontal planes  as demonstrated in the manual.

Jetgun Manual Word Searchable

The manual is damning evidence and worth its weight in gold. Please thank Sylvia every time a Veteran wins with this. The cost was in thousands of Veterans’ lives who lost their claims and have since succumbed to the disease. I have observed Nurse Price over the years and her zeal for this is unparalleled. At one point she was shopping Craigslist for every military “yearbook” showing recruits in Basic getting their baptism by jetgun. She is now the only private owner of one I know. My kind of Nurse. Sylvia and I go back to 2008 and the old Delphi Forums HCVETS page.  I think I kinda helped her get her DIC. My brain fog was a mite thick from that era so I may be wrong.

Capture 22The important thing to keep in mind is the evidentiary value of this document in a court of law. It sets the metric for what is sanitary and acceptable. No ifs, ands or buts. If protocol is violated, there is no “wipe it off and shoot a couple of blanks to clear the nostril”. Once the blood is on and/or in it, the gun is toast until  properly autoclaved. Since blood was one of the prime memories of most of us who ran the line remember, if the pecker checkers kept using it, then they were doing so illegally and violating sanitary protocol.  Considering most of the guys pulling the trigger were FNG E-2s right out of Pecker checker school, you have a recipe for an unsanitary disaster at six hundred victims per hour and maybe faster according to the manual. Think about that. “One operator, without special training…”

And if all the blood spilled occurred in the vicinity of the gun operator, the higher the probability that he/she stepped in in it and transferred it into the carrying case via the sole of his/her shoe on the pedal. The gun physically comes in contact with the pedal when the case is shut. Sounds about as intelligent as DOW Chemical  developing an herbicide that killed both friend and foe alike. Here’s one doctor’s opinion of all this . In fact, he thinks if you got tagged with one of these you ought to be tested for… duh… HCV. Go figure. 10% of Vets have it versus 1.6% of the general population. 63% more if you are a Vietnam-era Veteran. Who would have thunk it. Certainly not VA.

IMG_2958 (1)

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  1. This jet gun gave me Hepatitis C over 50 years ago. 1965 aboard the USS Hornet CVS-12. As before we pulled into a port of call you had to get injections for the diseases that were in the area. They would take 50 men at a time (as there were 3,000 of us) and they never cleaned the heads on the men that moved and got a cut on there arm dripping with blood all on the deck. Now I have to go for the cure and take Sovaldv which will make me sick for over 12 to 24 weeks.,I am 68 years old and widowed and it will be hard for me to do this alone, but I have to as my life is being threatened and could die. Thank you for showing this air gun letter.


    Fred DiDonato

  2. H J BRYAN says:

    And I remember once there was no corpsman available to ‘shoot the gun properly’ and the first guy in a line of 100 recruits was chosen to shoot us after a 2 minute training course in how to ‘shoot the gun properly’.
    I would like to try to contact some others in my recruit company to see if any have contracted HVC and/or could back up my experiences. How to contact old basic training buddies from NTC, San Diego 1964??
    I was a stupid 17 year old ‘kiddy cruiser’ as many others were then and couldn’t think more than a day ahead and 45 years later, I was Dxed with HVC. …………luckily the VA gave me the cure [I hope], but they can never give me back the quality of life that they robbed me of before and during and maybe after the cure.

    • asknod says:

      I’m drawing a blank on the NTC but I occasionally see websites or individual pleas for help like that on Google search. Try entering your basic training school number and date and see what happens. The internet is a marvelous tool. Figuring out how to employ it effectively is often the problem.

  3. SPrice says:

    “She is now the only private owner of one I know”.
    Our family has grown since I last talked to you. I adopted its sister….Jet and Jetty Price.

    “Sylvia and I go back to 2008 and the old Delphi Forums HCVETS page. I think I kinda helped her get her DIC.”

    No DIC. I arrived at the forums in 2005. One day when I disclosed that I was a Hepatitis C speaker for Schering and Anemia speaker for Amgen, a woman called me “scum” and sent me to the veterans forum to get educated. I ended up staying.

    I remember someone said to me, “I’ll make you a deal, I don’t lie to you, you don’t lie to me. You mess up once and you’re out”. I said, “Great, I’ll take it”. I had been getting in trouble in the other forums for being “too honest”. Add to that the fact that I was uninfected and spoke nursey and

  4. Kiedove says:

    Yeah, besides the fact that the company didn’t instruct that the unit be cleaned and disinfected before being put into the steam autoclave, (probably for too short a time), this gives me the willies–the nozzle cleaning wire bit.
    “Every attempt has been made to prevent fo reign matter from entering the unit and plugging the jet nozzle. If plugged, the tip may be cleared through the use of the cleaning
    wire provided. The cleaning wire will probably have a burr at each end as a result of being cut into pieces. Before trying 10 insert the wire into the nozzle orifice, remove the burrs at the wire ends by stroking the wire with the polishing cloth provided. Extreme care should be taken in cleaning the nozzle to avoid damage. Use of a magnifying glass is recommended. A damaged nozzle will seriously affect the proper operation of the injector If nozzle opening is enlarged or leading edges of the opening is made ragged. excessive bleeding may result.”

    No instructions about autoclaving the nozzle cleaning wires either. And no instructions to not put the gun and parts before autoclaving. That case was certainly contaminated over and over too.

    • SPrice says:

      They didn’t put the whole unit in the autoclave, just the front end, It says, “Sterilize front end including piston, the feed needle fitted with cotton packed nylon adapter, and the protective cap in a steam autoclave for 15-20 minutes at 250 degrees F. (I’m sending you pictures of the autoclave machine they used).

      “No instructions about autoclaving the nozzle cleaning wires either”
      Doesn’t matter whether they autoclaved them or not, The instructions say, “remove the burrs at the wire ends by stroking the wire with the polishing cloth provided”…which would have contaminated them.

  5. Asknod, how would I identify if a jet gun was used in my original basic tng med records? I remember going through the line in 1982…. I have all my original med records, would be interesting to see if it is indicated

    • asknod says:

      Use of a jetgun is most probably a remembered memory. It would be hard to forget them. They were used at all the major Basic training facilities where the volume of the recruits was enormous. Parris Island, Lackland AFB, Great Lakes Naval Training Facility, Fort Hood et cetera from approximately 1962-1997. The greatest danger of exposure to HCV was during the years of the draft when draftees were accepted regardless of their criminal records. After that intense period of transmission (1966-1975) all it took was one infected soul in a shotline. You did not have to draw blood to make the jetguns unsanitary. The mere usage guaranteed contamination from one individual to others.

    • SPrice says:

      I would use the pictures from training books to prove you got vaccines by jetgun. Most of them have pictures of jetgun vaccines. If you can find the one for your unit you can prove they used jetguns then. Otherwise I would use the Army regulations for the year you were in boot camp. For example, here’s the one for 2006 (the one for the year you were in boot camp should say they were using jetguns). Each one has a section about jetguns.

      “Immunizations and chemoprophylaxis .
      By order of the Secretary of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard.
      2–8. Jet–injection immunization devices.
      a. The DOD and USCG (Coast Guard) withdrew needle–free multi–use nozzle jet injectors (MUNJIs) capable of 600 or more injections per hour, formerly identified within DOD supply systems as “hypodermic injection apparatus jet automatic:
      115 volt or foot operated,” in 1997 due to safety concerns. THEIR USE OF THE SAME UNSTERILE NOZZLE AND FLUID PATHWAY TO INJECT CONSECUTIVE PATIENTS COULD ALLOW TRANSMISSION OF BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS. The MUNJIs are known by the trade names Ped–O–Jet®, Med–E–Jet®, Hypospray®, and DermoJet®, among other brands, and were usually refilled quickly from attached multidose vaccine vials. These devices remain unapproved and will not be used.”
      Army Regulation 40–562
      BUMEDINST 6230.15A
      AFJI 48–110
      CG COMDTINST M6230.4F
      Effective 29 October 2006″

      • asknod says:

        Always remember that your lay testimony is acceptable and credible as long as you do not tell any falsehoods. Thus, you need no “proof” of jetguns being used in a court of law. You are presumed capable of discerning that a jetgun was used as opposed to a dinky little disposable syringe with a 26 g needle.

  6. hepper74 says:

    “the usage of the gun in thousands of “yearbooks” shows jetguns being used one-handed or at an angle oblique to the skin rather than a perfect 90 degree angle”

    The picture next to this shows the very thing, hmmm! After the first 600 maybe their arms were tired …. Yeah that must be it. Sarcasm? Who me?

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