VeteransAdministration.12755109_stdIn what might be one of the largest wastes of judicial time in the history of the VA, we are saddled with PRC 100 repairman Johnboy Vet. Johnny has yet to meet any drug he doesn’t like. The cumulative effects seem to have clouded his judgment. He has somehow wandered all the way up to the hallowed halls of  BVA justice only to encounter the frightful reality that at some point in the past, his commanding officer decided he wasn’t “be all you can be” material.

Worse yet, they wrote it all down and preserved it for posterity on the off chance he might show up and claim it was all a big misunderstanding. I see and read a lot of these where the Vet claims PTSD due to experiences in Vietnam. Some are humorous such as the one where the wife testified to any number of stressors her hubster suffered (hearsay). The problem was he never left the United States. BVA records don’t tell us if a divorce was forthcoming after the combat deception was unmasked.

Acting VLJ L.M. Barnard summed it up thusly:

It is inconceivable that given this extensive use of drugs, which rendered him habitually disoriented, while in Vietnam he could possibly have participated in any meaningful combat role.

No Bozos

No Bozos

I feel compassion for these Vets but I have no sympathy for their utilizing the judicial system as a welfare lever to extract money. Lord knows, many of you wait an interminably long time for justice and a small part is due to these chuckleheads. The VFW should have better controls in place to “vet the Vet” and prevent this kind of abuse.

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