Strawberry World 2015

When I had my construction company, each house we built had a designator to identify it for billing paperwork. I found it much easier to remember a letter/number combo rather than assign a PO to everything. Hence we had Palmer Lake 22 (PL22), Lake Holiday 12 (LH12)  or my own house GH-1. GH stood for Graham/Harrell for Cupcake’s parents. Hence when communicating expenditures from the field with the poor cel phone service, we often used the military phonetics to eliminate error. Since we built in many lake communities, this was even more helpful. To this day, we still refer to home as Golf Hotel. I’d prefer Strawberry Fields but that one is already taken.

One of the eternal joys of spring is the rebirth of life and, of course, witnessing the inexorable onset of more strawberries than can be imagined-let alone eaten. I try to get out and shoot a bit of it all and to let my VA ILP minder Kris know that a) I have not given up on my quest for my greenhouse and b) that I still am involved in growing.

Here are some lovely shots of GH-1 and the ungodly early spring we are again encountering. Strawberries will be ripening in a month or so with the raspberries right behind. It already sounds like an airport with B-52 stumblebees and Mason Orchard reconnaissance bee patrols in full swing. The honey bees are slow to awake this spring.

Lettuce in what VA refers to as one of my greenhouses

Lettuce in what VA refers to as one of my greenhouses

"Purple Heart" broccoli

“Purple Heart” broccoli

Red pear blooms

Red pear blooms

Royal Anne Cherry blossoms

Royal Anne Cherry blossoms

Peach blossoms

Peach blossoms

Blue flowers

Blue flowers.I’m sure they have a name but if you can’t eat them they don’t need a name.

Greenhouse starts. So much to grow, so little space.

Greenhouse starts. So much to grow, so little space.


New sign at entrance to warn Jehovah Witnesses about Ambush.


unnamed (2)


Ambush the untrustworthy feral kitty


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2 Responses to ILP–LZ GOLF HOTEL 1- SPRING

  1. Leigh&Paul says:

    What a nice place for spring , I guess a little early for Silver Queen

    • asknod says:

      I start 800 Silver Queens in the greenhouse on May 10th. I take them out and plant them on the 1st of June.If you folks get here before they ripen, I’ll try to keep some in the freezer for you.

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