The VA’s Improved Transportation Service in 2015

va van

Many veterans who are currently eligible for VA health care benefits and have a VA authorized appointment are eligible for VTS. Every medical center has made up it’s own rules on who can get a ride on the shuttle. Some are  very restrictive.

Not everyone will be able to ride the bus.  The links below should take you to the VTS phone line in your location.

Scheduling a ride to the VA may get easier for vets living within 20-miles radius of a center in Minneapolis.   But this should help veterans who most need help with transportation and aren’t too far from a VHA.  It should help reduce appointment “no shows” once the word gets out. “No shows mean that a different vet had to wait longer for an appointment.  It will probably reduce the VA’s travel outlays once it gets going and pay for it’s self when word gets out.

To enhance the VHA system, the Central Business Office (CBO) is launching a new transportation program for immobilized and remote VA patients to enhance existing programs implemented by local VA Medical Centers (VAMCs).  Veterans Transportation Service (VTS) seeks to provide transportation services to include vehicle routing/scheduling software for VA Medical Facilities. The ride scheduling and routing systems will include GPS modules for VTS vehicles.

I organized a brown bag picnic by a lake for some of the oldies here on a A/C van just like this.  There was room for walkers and a scooter. It was fun for those who don’t drive to be picked up, dropped off, and then returned home after lunch and doing some walking.  It cost everyone $3.00 for a pleasant outing.

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