HCV & HIV news from the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI)


Seattle Photo credit: spm. Wikipedia Commons

Here’s a conference we can all get behind–the helpful presentation and sharing of information on HIV, HCV, and retroviruses.

From Seattle, Business Wire press release Gilead has announced that patients co-infected with HCV genotypes 1-4 and HIV can achieve a 96 Percent SVR12 Rate taking the “daily single tablet regimen Harvoni.®”  

The Foundation that sponsors the annual conference has provided open access slides and audio available to learn from (LINK).  Available workshop topics available now include:

Acute HCV: Is It Still Important to Diagnose and Treat?

HCV Genotype 3: Our Next Challenge

HCV Cirrhotics With Early Decompensation 


Image: wikipedia Commons, PD.

To hear or see up-to-date information from the experts, just type in HCV in the search box and stream. Podcasts of talks are also available for downloads using Apple’s iTunes.  iTunes can be downloaded free to newer computers running Windows.  Apps can help move files to Android phones according to an article in Android Central here: (LINK) if you don’t own an iPhone.

For more information on Harvoni, please visit HCVETS here: (LINK).

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