Battle CreekApparently, in a new development for Veterans, VSOs everywhere have instituted a new policy of charging Veterans and their widows for help in getting service connection. The Battle Creek Enquirer, in what appears to be the scoop of the century, discovered VA County Director Scott “Show me the Money” Losey had a lucrative moneymaker on the side. 

After a long diatribe by DAV president and CEO Arthur Wilson last year on the subject of lawyers charging Vets a stupendous 20% for their services, Mr. Losey’s new ploy to milk Vets and their widows for “lunch money” seems a little disingenuous.

Contemporaneously, Law dogs had been limited to representation for a maximum of $10. In 2007, Congress opened the flood gates and permitted us representation at the BVA level on appeal as well as allowing a paltry 20% maximum for their representation. Considering most attorneys in the real world charge 40% for anything regarding lawsuits, we’re still getting a bargain. Apparently Mr. Losey wanted a cut of the action due to his expertise and success in this venue.

When caught with his hand in the cookie jar, or, in this case, a widow’s $200 check in his wallet, he patiently explained it thusly:

“It was a “voluntary donation”.

Capture 3Here’s another take on it  including a video of Mr. Losey patiently explaining how this whole thing has been misinterpreted and denying any wrongdoing. Mr. Losey feels that the Christmas spirit often moves Vets to share their morphine sulphate prescriptions and “dead presidents” generously and he can’t see what the problem is.

We’ll keep you apprised of this new VSO requirement as the story develops. In the meantime, it may behoove Veteran litigants to entertain the idea that they may have to “sweeten up the pot” if they want to get any action on their claims.

Shocked. I am shocked, I say. All this time I’ve been settling for hand-knapped arrowheads and maple syrup and I could have had a new transmission for my F-150. Do you have any idea how inconvenient it is to sit in a cold truck and wait for the tranny to ‘kick in’ when it finally warms up? Knowledge is power. From now on the admission fee is going up at asknod. Merry Christmas, Mr. Losey and thanks for the head’s up.


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  1. SPrice says:

    “From now on the admission fee is going up at asknod.”
    You don’t have an admission fee.

  2. david j murphy says:


  3. Clear Left says:

    Hey Scottie boy…. Ever been to Jacksonville? Maybe time for a road trip. Think you and the boys down there at wwp have something in common.
    What’s that old saying, “Birds of a feather flock together”?
    Just a thought.

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