Round about the cauldron go; In the poison’d entrails throw.

Remember that lovely scene in Act 4 S 1? Allow me to transpose it back to Act 1, Scene 2 . The Writ is born and airborne. But the effort and the pace for the last two weeks since the day after Christmas has been frenetic. One thing you will find exciting about CAVC Writ proceedings is the whirlwind speed with which they transpire (in VA time).

First Witch : Eye of Groves

Second witch : Tears of Erspamer

Third witch: Essence of Harvey Impatience

All witches in unison (loudly): And Sweat of Poussan!

The witches of course are SquareBob,  his minder Heather and myself. We have labored long and stirred the laser ink jets. We have cogently tried to express the inexpressible disbelief that VA could be so callous and uncaring for lo these twenty plus years.

Nevertheless, let’s put on our happy faces and begin the Play. The actors are assembled and here is the cast:

CAST of characters

Everybody got the royal USPS Priority Express treatment so no one’s feelings will be hurt that they got second class service.  We can also begin the party and watch things happen sooner rather than later. Remember how you go on the NORAD site and track Santa across the globe on Christmas Eve for your kids? Well, just for your entertainment, we’ll get to see in near real time when these boys and girls get their little presents from the Left Coast. Here’s the USPS tracker for the Court:

CAVC Incoming

Madames  Bradley and Hickey and Monsieur McDonald’s trackers are here:

Ms. Bradley, brand new at the OGC and a real party pooper from what we hear:


Writ Bradley

Next Ms. Allison in Wonderland:


Writ Hickey

And lastly, Call me Bob’s reminder that the twenty year alarm went off about a year ago. Hey, Bob. My phone number’s on the Certificate of Service if you want to call and talk about this…again…not. Just kidding.

download (2)


priebMr. Prieb is the Seattle, Wa. VA Director. Do not confuse him with the manager who is known in VA parlance as the “Veteran’s Service Center manager” or simply VSCM. They are entirely different entities. Your battle with the local yokel with shit for brains will always be this joker. Knowledge is power in this quest for the quintessential perfect Writ.

Mr. Prieb’s missive will hit tomorrow by 1500 Hrs L. He will be the lucky first respondent and will enjoy this little story before his friends get to.  I’m debating taking the liberty of calling 911 for an aid car  a suitable time after 3 PM.

Writ Prieb

To give you an idea of how many trees died, it took three packs of paper and then some-probably about 1800 to create and send 1,568 to VA and the CAVC. The stack of paper to the CAVC was 4 inches tall without the CD. Each offering to the other 4 was 2″ for a total pile over 8 inches high. Total weight 18 lbs , 2.80 ounces. The Writ filing is 96 pages.  For $125 to get everyone on the commo link, there’s Mastercard. The look on their faces Thursday? Priceless.


Leigh A. Bradley, Start your M21 1MR post hoc rationalizations computer up and come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn down!

And this just in. News and film at six here in VALand. Exciting photos of the actual creation of the files and prepping them for mailing.


CAVC 8 copies, check and CD


Allison and Mr. Prieb


CAVC ready for launch



Incoming Bob.


Round up the usual suspects. Call VAOIG and get a man to Seattle to Cover my Ass now.


Launch @ 1337 Hrs L




Veteran Jay who works at the Vaughn WA post office and who saved me $120 by “repackaging it in flat rate”

The  Birth of a Writ Series continues here:

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  1. Vicki Foley says:

    Alex, is there a brief from your attorney going with this? I know you’re after much bigger fish, but on principle, when you prevail, you ought to be reimbursed for your effort and expense somehow through EAJA. I don’t know if that’s allowed, but it’s certainly warranted.

  2. Clear Left says:

    3rd RR Intercept (partially garbled) follows:

    ” Fire Mission Fire Mission Fire….
    DTG – 07..05L
    Unit – Veterans Reg… Off…Sea…
    GRID – Gig Har..
    Target Description – Pain In The Ass
    Weapon – Arc Light
    TOT – 071500L
    Authenication I authenicate …..Rmc…..”

    End of Transmission
    All in vicinity are urged to take action as necessary

    3d RRU – out

  3. Clear Left says:

    This just in..
    3rd Radio Research Unit reports intercepting a “Call For Fire (CFF)'” request.
    Standby Standby Standby

  4. Karen S. says:

    Wish I could read it!

    • asknod says:

      I felt it would be more fair to allow them to get their mail first before we all peer over their shoulder’s and do so. Thursday, after confirmation of receipt by all the interested parties, a show and tell will be held and we’ll have a moment of silence for Mr Erspamer senior.

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