Fake Veteran Steve Lowery with toy M-16

Documented proof now exists that there is a glitch in the VA’s Cray M21-1MR super computer in Reno. The latest VBMS update apparently disabled the 38 USC 1154(b) logic circuits and no further awards for Vietnam Veterans will be processed there. According to the Veterans Service Center Manager, there simply are no more Veterans of the Vietnam Boundary dispute living in Nevada. The computer said so.

Steve Lowery, a Marine grunt once upon a time, had the misfortune to file a claim at the biggest little RO in the world. This one was a no brainer but it stumped those RVSRs cold down there. Too many free casino drinks and the high altitude combined to short circuit old Steverino right out of a rating or two. It didn’t matter if he had a fistful of medals. Besides, I hear some of these stolen valor types have even shot themselves to inflict fake GSWs.

Capture 2

You could almost find it humorous until you start reading the denial. VA’s logic was cut and dried. They sent off for the records at the NPRC and got the outpatient/sick call folder. No attempt was made to get the military file or the hospitalization records from Yokosuka. Claim denied. After he thought he had it straightened out, they did the Phoenix “what C&P exam?” bait and switch. Funny guys those VA chowderheads.

I often warn Vets to be careful with rescheduling or canceling appointments for these C&Ps because VA is notorious for saying you a) failed to appear for no good cause or b) cancelled it and never rescheduled it. This allows them to deny by proxy. It doesn’t mean you are denied even though it says as much.

A great read for Pearl Harbor Day. Navy Cross recipient accused of lying- gets bitchslap from VA.

Capture 3

A warm thank you to Stevemeister for his service to our country. We’re glad he’s not on the Wall with CMOH winner Robert Jenkins Jr., his fellow service member that fell on a hand grenade that day to save others. A warm thank you to Maple syrup Frank for sending us this inspiring VA rating. Looks like “A. Bittler” VARO Reno boss will be getting his first star and a transfer to Vermin Ave. NW for this rating. He sure saved the VA a ton of money for a year or two.

P.S. Here’s and update


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  1. John King says:

    I have talked to vets who have had wounds that were obvious combat wounds denied as NSC. How do you get a bunch of metal fragments in your back, legs and butt if you were a soldier in Vietnam?

  2. Charlie says:

    This one is really, really incredible! Just frigging unbelievable except with the VARO’s anything is possible. I recently had a case where in the Detroit VARO had obviously never read or reviewed my client’s MSR or STRs which were replete with entries on the medical condition for which compensation was being sought. Luckily, the local DRO at our hearing realized the error of his office’s way and granted the claim.

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  3. Frank says:

    Look on the bright side: “[VA Reno] spokesman Miller said: “I’m not saying it’s [Lowery’s] fault.”

    Not blaming the Veteran?

    That could be a first, a VA “personal best.”

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