CaptureI guess it takes all kinds to make the world go around. I always thought the Marines had the inside track on collecting toys for the needy kids. Member Sue sent this one in and it makes you physically ill to read about these types. First, how they ever think they can get away with it amazes me. Secondly, what would possess them to do it to kids? Besides giving Vets and the Marines a black eye, it endangers the very act of giving to all legitimate charities.

The idea of stealing from children is unconscionable. I suspect there is a nice warm place in Hell reserved for them some day. No act of contrition would be large enough to overcome this sin.

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1 Response to TAKING FROM KIDS

  1. Clear Left says:

    Send em down here for some re-education…. We’ve got a real nice swamp filled with hungry gators and nasty water moccasins just down the road a bit.

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