375952_535865253109599_1205166109_nWith the news out that Star Wars VII is on the books and due out next Fall, we are spotting the usual humor beginning to presage the opening night. I spotted some of these and even more were promptly sent my way by you eagle eyed Veterans. 


I noticed in the new American Rifleman this month that there is a resurgence of interest in wheel guns. When I got to SEA, I discovered a .38 M&P was useless.  .45s had zero accuracy after 10 yds. and 9mms were like a bb gun. I got my sister to send me a  S&W Mod. 19 .357 combat magnum and 500 rds of 158 JHP when I went over the fence. Everyone was packing Hi-powers and the S&W Mod 39 9mms they were issuing for survival. The guys all looked at me like it was a light saber in a world of blasters. Funny how they always work even when there’s a lot of red clay dust around. The same could not be said for semis over there-nor for the comparative knockdown power.

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