Sit, stay, rappel: Dogs fast rope with their handlers

A few unique images for military working dog lovers to enjoy.  

Who: 3rd Law Enforcement Battalion, III Marine Expeditionary Force Headquarters Group, III;  What: Tomorrow’s veterans training; Where: MEFCAMP HANSEN, OKINAWA, Japan. When: October 14, 2014.

Photos: Lance Cpl. Ryan C. Mains


1st Lt. Christina Nymeyer shows Cpl. Nicholas Majerus how to properly secure his rope harness.

dog 2

A working dog is secured to harness; The Marines fast roped with their dogs for the first time in preparation for future exercises.

dog 4

Cpl. Caleb Owens fast ropes with his dog, Dixie.

dog 3

Lance Cpl. David Hernandez fast ropes with, Benny. “The fast-roping is a lot different because you have a dog strapped to your back, and he is (moving) around,” said Hernandez. “This is an experience that most dog handlers do not get to have.”

black dog

Cpl. Caleb Owens walks Izzi to the rappel tower.

Update:  Turns out that my hubby was at this base pre-Vietnam for orders and post-Vietnam for processing. Two very different experiences.

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