download (3)Here’s the shortest decision on jetguns or any kind of BVA appeal I’ve ever seen. It’s uncanny. NO discussion. No long drawn out dog and pony show. Just a simple ” He says it was jetguns. Doctor agrees. Granted. Next?

Here’s a more nuanced one-again based on a jetgun.

And another that is well-balanced.


Here’s another that has some very useful statistics to prove it was blood exposure. This one is real doctor versus VA’s ARNP wannabe doctor.

Here’s the best this week. Vet comes down with Hep in service in 1975. Biopsy shows late stage hep with light cirrhosis indicating 25+ year infection. Additionally, hep antibody testing shows no evidence of Hep A or Hep B-ever in his life. Vet only has Hep C.  VA examiner immediately opines that the Hep he had in service was probably Hep A. Next VA examiner says the hep C he has was probably from IVDU shooting up recently (last ten years). Again, BVA judge has to point out that Johnny Vet was diagnosed in service with Hepatitis (not otherwise specified or NOS) but nevertheless diagnosed with Hep. Since he’s only had one case of hep and it was in service and it was not Hep A or Hep B, he could have been sharing needles with the whole Mormon Tabernacle Choir (if they were junkies) but he nevertheless had the hep before that in service. Besides, the cirrhosis effectively ends the argument if the Hep C in service does not. Them VA examiners are a hard-headed bunch.

This one is of note as well. Vet has Hep C. Vet finds another guy he went through basic with that has hep C as well. Other guy writes Buddy letter. The dream we all hoped for has finally happened -jetgun transmitted Hepatitis to another guy in shot line. Result. VA grants on everything.

Another jetgun win. Good evidence involved. A must read.

Another good one on a jetgun win. The last nexus standing is the winner.

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  1. SPrice says:

    Stay tuned, it gets better.

  2. Kiedove says:

    Lovely! Here is a case where a VA shrink is helping the veteran based on his professional knowledge of the blood-borne transmission issues, and not pulling the “conflict of interest” card. Since the VA doctor had enough respect for his patient to write a nexus letter, the BVA judge, had to defer to this doctor, respect his opinion, and respect the veteran. What VA physicians do is extremely influential. It behooves patients to try and connect with their VA providers. Try to trust that they became physicians because they have, or had, altruistic motives. If such a respectful relationship can’t be attained after trying, you can ask to switch docs. for lack of compatibility. Divorce him/her and move on. There is someone at the VA who you can communicate with you better. Doctors like this give me hope for the future of the VHA. Hope he’ll stay on board.

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