bonusGez, where’d you park the Squad Car, Dick Tracy? May be tied to? How about “We couldn’t have done it without our loyal munchkins who, incidentally, didn’t get a dime of this baksheesh.” I love the indecision about whether $23 million in bonuses might or might not be motivated by “For he who shall have borne the battle, his widow and his orphan child”? What have they been smoking at VACO. It’s time for SECVA McDonald to get out the big broom and freeze some bank accounts before this all evaporates and they plead indigence.

P.S. In related news…


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  1. Karen S. says:

    So they will probably retire first.

  2. Clear Left says:

    FIRED NOT RETIRED Bobby Petzel says he has plenty of open arms vacancies for former VA execs at MITRE.

  3. While I do think VA exec firings are both long overdue and necessary, I can’t help but think it is too little too late. These firings should have happened back with the Shreddergate scandal, and maybe this one would have never happened. When VA lets employees “get away with murdering Vets for money”, quite literally, is it any wonder these things will continue unabated? While the number of Vets murdered by VA execs seeking bonuses is controversial, its certainly more than “4” by even the most VA friendly numbers. It would seem fair that, at a minumum one VA EXEC fired per deceased Veteran who got “waited to death” would seem about right. If there was some “collateral damage” in that a few VA execs got fired who did not actively stop the fake appointment lists, this collateral damage seems justified given the egragarious nature of this widespread fraud. I mean, gee after all these Vet gave up their lives for this “secret list” scandal, and destroying a few hundred careers, one for each Vet, would seem to be a minimum punishment. Many would not only like to see them fired, but prosecuted by a real judge and jury not the VAOIG Kangaroo Court.

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