News: VA-Walgreens Flu shot partnership

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Should be free….but ask first

 Oct. 6 VA Press Release: Veterans, you may be able to get your flu shots from Walgreens pharmacists nationwide this year.  I just called a local Walgreens to see if they were participating and they are! 

However, they might run out because–

Vaccines are subject to availability. Age, state and health related restrictions may apply. Many immunizations may be covered by commercial insurance plans, Medicare Part B or Medicare Part D. As part of this launch and under the agreement, VA funding can provide approximately 75,000 flu shots for enrolled veterans. For more information about VA’s immunization program, visit

Walgreens has not updated its website with information about this program yet so use the zip code” find a store locator app” for the phone number (and hours) to check for local participation.  My sense of the wording is that if a vet has dual-eligibility with another program, the VA will be the secondary payer.  But it looks like there will be no out-of-pocket for enrolled vets and no paperwork to file.

I actually got my flu shot at Walgreens last year combined with a shopping trip. They had a private room set up and it was very convenient.  This will save gas, standing-on-line time at health fairs, and stress so let’s get the word out.  Report back if this worked out for you!


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1 Response to News: VA-Walgreens Flu shot partnership

  1. Sue Stinnett says:

    We went to Walgreen’s today and they didn’t have a clue what we were talking about. So it will be off to the drive-thru shots for hubby on Tuesday.

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