downloadAnd here we thought the  RO malfeasance was limited to Fort Fumble in Houston. Well, with the exception of the Laura Eskinazi “rocket dockets” scandal at the BVA. Seems like a new bad apple is showing up in everyone’s barrel these days-every VA barrel. The only one with more credibility problems is the IRS and their 501(c)(3) misinterpretations on how to sandbag those pesky conservative not-for-profit outfits with Gadsden Flags on their letterhead. VA could take a page on how to accidentally destroy hard drives and erase text messages from them.

It’s always refreshing to have someone like Kristen Ruell or Kelli Kordach pop up and tell us that we’re getting the short, shitty end of the Punji stick. We know that but it’s always nice to receive affirmation from insiders to confirm our fears. Houston, the BVA VACO and now the Philly Puzzle Palace? Can this be ready to go viral like Ebola in Liberia?

The smart money is on where there’s smoke, there’s fire. If you see a smoky haze over every VARO, chances are it’s trouble. That means they’ve switched from shredders to the new solar powered “green”incinerators. You lose and it’s environmentally friendly too. Win-win for all except you.

Kristen Ruell

Kristen Ruell

Kristen Ruell is a Quality Control expert (a lonely calling at any VARO)-or was. I expect she’s in the basement guarding dead Vets’ c-files by now. Here’s her testimony on how Philly dogs do the VARO scheduling musical chairs on your claims. Apparently nobody told the Big Dogs how to do it so they, in turn, were at a loss as to how to instruct raters on proper procedures to adjudicate Vet’s claims for the last , oh, 92 years or so. Thank goodness the VA’s Office of Inspector Gadget showed up and fixed it. Never have so many owed so little to so few.

And more links sent in by Kiedove:

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